Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Lolita Blogpost Roundup: May 2017

After being able to share such a wonderful collection of posts last month I'm pleased to do another roundup of lolita blog posts from May.

Lolita Brunch! from Neo Crystal
An adorable post about a lolita brunch with not many words but lots of lovely pictures! Ah pictures of lolitas just hanging out and being wonderfully cute always makes me happy.

What Would You Like To See Brands Do More Of? from Cupcake Kamisama's Lolita World
This post is a musing on what the author would (duh) like to see lolita brands do more of, a Lolita Blog Carnival prompt. I happen to agree with all the things she mentions!

Customising Shoes from Luna Rain
Shoes are a thing I hold very close to my heart, so this post was cool! Several different ways you could customise a pair of shoes are discussed, and I found it a helpful jump start to brainstorming shoe ideas. I mean, my personal solution to not having the right shoes is to go and buy more shoes, but still, this was a great read. And I have, actually, customised a pair of shoes myself so yeah ^__^

Lolita Canotier/Hat Making Guide from Fuwa-Fuwa-Fashion
Oh my goodness...floofy hat alert! I love fancy hats in lolita, despite not owning or having worn one, so this is a very cool tutorial, especially because it's for a proper hat (inasmuch as I know how hats are made) rather than a cardboard-based affair.

Fashion Show @ Madman Anime Festival from Adventures of a Drop Bear Lolita
I like blogs about fashion shows, cute outfits, and fellow Aussie lolitas, so this post was a perfect read for me!

Ouji and Aristocrat Sewing Patterns and Tutorials List from Buttcape
Buttcape is continuing to provide good resources for the boystyle community, this time with an epic list of tutorial and patterns. Makes me wish I had more time to sew!

Lolita as Formal Attire from Teacake Time Machine
This post is a nice little discussion on wearing lolita to formal occasions, and an example of an outfit the author wore to a baptism, which shows that lolita can be lolita and still pass muster at a variety of occasions.

101 Lolita Lifestyle Ideas from Vanilla Bear
The title of this post really says it all; it's a list of 101 lifestyle ideas for lolitas. I really enjoyed reading this - I don't intend to make my lifestyle more lolita but it's something nice to think about and read about.

Madillustration, Patisserie brooch line review from Poppy Noir
I am gradually falling in love with brooches, partially because of posts like this that share wonderful purchases! How adorable is the doughnut one?

Once again I’m chuffed that I got to feature a range of posts from lots of different bloggers! Some bloggers were initially on the list twice, but as the number of featured posts went up I decided I ought to limit it to one post per blogger, per month, otherwise this could get out of hand. And again, this is only some of the lolita posts I read this month so there’s a lot of good content out there to enjoy!

If you have a lolita blog, or know of one that I may not follow, feel free to drop me a link in the comments because there is no such thing as too many lolita blogs! And if a post of yours is featured here and you don’t want it to be, let me know and I’ll take it down.


  1. Yes, finally a more proper hat tutorial, I have missed that for a long time. Slightly modified and I can get a nice boater. Now I just need some supplies.
    I love brooches, they can be statement or more subtle. I have the strawberrytart brooch from the collection, having a strawberry themed skirt, does I have to put the theme more than just skirt and headwear.

    1. Good luck with your hat making!

      Oh nice! Yeah, brooches really do make for a good finish touch :)

  2. I love these roundups so much!