Saturday, 20 May 2017

Lolita 52: The ways in which I fit the cliché & The ways in which I do not fit the cliché

Once again I am answering two Lolita 52 topics in a single post, because I don’t think there’s really enough content there for two separate posts. Before answering I want to clarify that I think there are two real clichés of lolita. The first is the “lifestyle lolita” stereotype of the elegant, dainty maiden. The second is the more modern cliché of the Japanophile who shops and spend her time online or at meets, who embodies the perhaps more realistic but no less inaccurate lolita lifestyle.

For both those clichés, I fit them in very limited ways:

  • I drink a lot of tea
  • I like books and reading
  • I sew
  • I keep a lolita blog
  • I am interested in  Japanese culture

A lovely stock photo of tea. Don't let this fool you tough, I drink my tea out of an Octoberfest stein.

Aaaand that’s it. Not really much of a thing there is it? I'm not even a huge anime fan, though I certainly like some.

Regarding not fitting the cliché, I really want to be pedantic and say that all of me does not fit the cliché, end of story but a few noteworthy (kind of) points are:

  • I’m very practical, and basically nothing in my life is lady-like or decorative 
  • I’m your stereotypical nerd (Computer games! Star Wars! Fantasy novels!)
  • I’m not particularly sociable
  • I'm rather filthy minded, as my boyfriend knows well

Most of my free time is spent in Tamriel lately.

So there you have a bit of me in a nutshell, and how I relate to the lolita cliché. Having said that though, I think basically anyone involved in this glorious subculture of ours could come up with a similar list of “I’m lolita in this way, and not in this way” and in the end, the only bit that really matters is that we wear and admire and enjoy these fabulous clothes.


  1. I am kind of like you, except I am not so much into computergames and fantasy as I used to. It is Sci-fi and comics.
    And the most decorative part of my life is my indoor plants.

    1. Scifi is equally as awesome as fantasy! Haha indoor plants are great, ours keep dying though.

  2. Ooh, I drink a lot of tea too! I also like sewing and I have a blog. I'm not a fan of books or anime, but I am very interested in Japanese culture- I practise Japanese dance, for instance.
    I'm dirty minded too, haha >-< I'm just not a nerd and I love pretty and decorative things :p

    1. Japanese dance sounds like fun! And it's cool to see what things I have in common (or not) with other people in this fashion.