Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Review #40: Bodyline L571

This is my 40th lolita clothing review... I have bought a lot of clothes over the last four years. Well, not so many, really, when you space it out... Right? Ahem.

Anyway, onto the review of my newest acquisition, Bodyline L571 blue floral jumperskirt!

This is probably the most accurate shot of the colour.

 On Mr Yan's Birthday Sale we made an order that was msotly things for the model wardrobe, but included one dress for me! I'd been eyeing off L571 since it was released, but since it is too small for me I didn't want to buy it and have it sit in my wardrobe until I lost enough weight to fit it. But when the price came down significantly for the sale I thought I'd take the plunge and get it.

Since we ordered in the sale we ordered on September 1st and didn't get the last of our three packages till October 8th. Normally things take about three weeks for order to delivery  here in Australia with their free air shipping but due to the sale, or perhaps general disorganisation, it took a while for our stuff to actually get sent out.

Chiffon ruffles!

It has been quite rainy and overcast lately so my photos aren't the best but I wanted to get this review up anyway, since I'm already quite late on it.

Detail of the bodice top. Excuse the loose thread I forgot to trim...

Overall, quality-wise, this is definitely one of the nicest Bodyline pieces I own. The fabric has a bit of an upholstery fabric feel, but not too bad of a bad way; it has a shiny pattern underneath the main pattern if you know what I mean? It is well made, there is no awful lace and the construction is sturdy. The skirt can bustle up at the front and back or can lay flat.

I can't comment on the fit/sizing as yet but as far as everything else goes I'd say it's definitely a good sweet-classic Bodyline option.


  1. Wow, that looks rather decent. I'm actually surprised.
    I'm particularly surprised at the versatility of the dress and it's BLUE!

    *Brain cogs start turning*

    1. It is really nice, I'm glad I got it! And it definitely has a lot of coording possibilities because of the print, I'll be putting up one of my usual "three coord" posts with it soon.