Friday, 6 November 2015

Blue and ivory floral outfits

As promised, I put together some outfits with my newest handmade dress. My camera wasn't really cooperating so the quality isn't the best but still, I am so excited to have a new colour in my wardrobe that I'm sharing them anyway. Until I got my new The Floral Notebook blouses and finished this dress, blue was an empty space in my lolita wardrobe.

This picture of the bodice probably shows the colours most accurately. As with many outfit shots, my phone didn't want to record the colours the same way twice. Ah well... on to the outfits!

First up the gloriously blue outfit! New blouse, new dress... lots of blue! I felt that with the blouse bringing such a big punch of blue into the equation it was best to leave everything else fairly neutral.

And, in the opposite vein, when the blouse is matching ivory I felt I could bring in blue shoes for a bit of extra colour. This outfit is the most toned-down a refined out of the three I made. I think it's actually a little too "nice" for me to actually ever wear, lol.

Lastly, an outfit I would definitely wear featuring another handmade piece of mine, the ever versatile brown bolero. Adding brown is definitely one of my favourite ways to style pretty much everything and this outfit is a bit casual, but still decidedly lolita.


  1. I love the dress :D I'd love to see it on! :P

    1. Thank you ^__^ I may stick it on and get James to grab some shots sometime then!