Thursday, 11 June 2015

Review #38: Bodyline L348 (and socks)

Over time I had come to dislike the fit of my existing black JSK, so I thought I'd get myself a new one. So to Bodyline I went, because I wanted to still stick to my "under $50" budget rule.

I ended up deciding on L348 in the all black colourway in a 2L, and while I was on the website I decided to get some new black and white lace topped OTKs, since I'm not such a fan of UTKs any more and that's all I had till now. I made my order on the 19th of May, it was posted on the 25th and arrived on the 5th of June, which is fairly standard Bodyline airmail shipping time for me.

I'd read that L348 was one of Bodyline's better JSKs, and the design had really grown on me over time. I'll definitely agree that it's one of their better pieces; the lace is nice in an old-school way, the fabrics is a nice thickness and with all the ruffles it's definitely a piece with a lot of work in it and thus well worth the price tag, even if it's one of Bodyline's slightly pricier pieces. Something worth mentioning is that the straps are elasticised, which I didn't know until I received it; that's not a bad thing, but it's a feature that's not evident from the stock photos. The waist bow is detachable but the waist ties are not. As far as the measurements go I'd say it's accurate and can go a bit larger than what's specified as well. I'm really happy with it; it's cute and flattering and a great versatile piece.

Excuse the shoddy photo, my phone did not want to do a good job for me here but that's the dress and my new socks as well. There's not much to say on the socks; the lace is raschel and not particularly good quality but when it's on a sock of the same colour it's not that noticeable. Since I'm tall and chubby they're just barely OTKs but they have as much stretch as my Meta and IW OTKS so that's a me thing, not a them thing.

Overall I'm really happy with my newest wardrobe additions and I hope this review is helpful for anyone eyeing off L348.

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