Wednesday, 24 June 2015

I told you it was versatile; or, L348 outfits

After making outfits with my cherry skirt, I wanted to have a play with my newest JSK, Bodyline's L348 in black. I actually took all the photos for both posts at the same time, but am staggering the uploads because, you know, regularity and variety in posting it a good thing.

First up I just had to try an old-school coord, because that's what this dress is perfect for. And, it seems to be a great match for my offbrand shirred blouse that I love but had no idea how to coord. My photos in this post aren't that great because my phone goes a bit haywire working with lots of black, but for extra old-school points I'm using my giant Metamorphose raschel lace barrette with this outfit. 

Next I made a summery all-black outfit which I honestly don't have much to say about. It's cute  but it's not particularly interesting. I'd definitely wear it though, it'd be great for a day when I want to wear lolita but want it to be more toned down.

Lastly, I wanted to try some colour, and I didn't want to use red because red and black is such a typical combo and I wanted to be a bit more original than that. So out came my trusty bottle green things, and I actually rather like how it turned out. It's an unusual colour combo but I think it works, though I'd have to wear it to be sure.

I'm so, so glad to have a black JSK which has a good fit and that I'm actually looking forward to wearing. I've really been paying attention to details like that because in my wardrobe, if it's not right for me it doesn't get worn, and if it doesn't get worn what's the point in keeping it. So I'm in the process of phasing out things that are not my favourites and getting replacements that will hopefully prove to be favourites!


  1. Where did you get the green blouse from!? I need it in my life...

    1. Haha it's this one from FanPlusFriend:

      If you do end up getting it please let me know because I've been eyeing off a few things from there but their shipping is so not worth it for getting just one thing.. though I may still exercise restraint :p

  2. Sorry to be posting a comment on such an old post, but I had to say that this post is what pushed me to actually buy l348 for myself and it's now one of my favourite dresses! It's so easy to co-ordinate with any colour in my wardrobe, it can be made Gothic, casual, old-school, or OTT really easily, and it's so comfortable (all that shirring...). So, I guess I just wanted to thank you, because otherwise I would have passed up an amazing dress and that would have been a shame.


    1. Don't be sorry, I always love getting comments! And I'm really glad this encouraged you to but this really is pretty brilliant, isn't it?