Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Lolita 52: Five movies for lolitas

Whelp, here I'm going to disgrace the lolita name and start by mentioning I've never seen Kamikaze Girls. However, movies for lolitas don't have to be movies about lolita, so I'm just going to list off my five favourite movies that are reminiscent of the same principles and aesthetics of lolita, at least to me.

The Phantom of the Opera
The costumes. Oh my heart, the costumes. I fell in love with this movie really hard and even though I haven't watched it in ages it's still special to me. I even had a great moment with a model on one of our shoots a few weeks back, she started singing one of the songs and I joined in and it was a cool moment.

 Pride and Prejudice
Aesthetically, I adore this movie. It's just lovely and my favourite period Jane Austen adaptation so far.

The Princess Bride
Another movie I haven't watch in a while but would always recommend. The story is just fabulous, and quotable, and overall it's just the perfect mix of bizarre and beautiful.

Little Women
There are few movies that make me cry, and this was one of them. I've always loved the books and this is my favourite movie version. Besides loving the story, I just love the cinematography.

Any Disney princess movie, ever
Does this even need an explanation? I do love me some Disney ^__^

As an honourable mention sort of thing I want to say that I would have loved to have put A Little Princess on this list, but the movie is so nothing compared to the book that I just can't. If there is ever a faithful adaptation I would be overjoyed. So yes, if this was a list of books instead of movies it'd be there but it's not, so it's not.


  1. I know what you mean about A Little Princess! The film is quite different, but I watched it a lot as a child, so it still has a place in my heart.

    I have to admit I've never seen The Princess Bride! So many people say it's a great film, but I had never even heard of it for many years.

    1. I liked the movie as a kid too, but it didn't stay with me as I grew up like the book did. Apparently there's been an anime adaptation as well, which I can't seem to find anywhere.

      You should watch The Princess Bride! It's quite dated now, so I can't guarantee how much you'd like it watch it for the first time now, but it's one of those films I think is worth watching just to have watched it, you know?