Friday, 3 April 2015

A Wardrobe Challenge: Tights, berets and bright colours, oh yeah!

Before any talk of clothes or anything I have to say... wow, I'm awesome. normally it takes me a while to do these posts, a couple of days at least. I download the images of their clothes, crop and find better or alternate versions if required, figure out what they need, find suitable examples, make sure I've added enough, make collages, make example outfits, resize and save for web and then write up the post. Today, I did all that in under eight hours. Not eight hours straight, mind you, but this is the first time I've ever done one all in one day so I wanted to put a bit of self-congratulation into this post.

But enough of that, onto the main event!

Since I'm sick of calling everyone anon in these, and don't want to use real names when I do know them becuase I know some people don't want to be outed for going on cgl, I'm going to call the owner of this wardrobe Ida. Ida has a really cute wardrobe with rocking shoes and a bit of a quirky vibe. As usual, I have't included bags or jewellery. Also, the picture of the black blouse here is not the one she owns; hers has cool gold embroidery on the collar but there was no available stock picture so image it being a bit blingy. She said she mostly wears tights, and likes tights and berets and prefers boleros over blouses.

Given that Ida said she has plain tights and plain berets already, I've separated these into a collection of Schrödinger's clothes. Maybe she has them, maybe she doesn't but either way I think she should have the above pieces.

And these are the rest of my suggested editions. Even though I've included Innocent World boleros, for a cheaper option places like The Floral Notebook, Lady Sloth and Glitter Tale can custom make boleros which could be a good choice.

Another thing I'd also suggest Ida, or anyone who likes wearing berets or hats a lot, is to invest in addition in some smaller bow or flower clips to make the general head area less plain. My James bought me 80+ bow clips of eBay in over 40 colours and they're great because no matter what I'm wearing I'll have at least two bows to clip wherever to make things a bit more interesting. I'm slowly building my flower collection as well and I have to say that as a beret lover it really makes all the difference to have a little extra something when wearing a solid colour beret.

Also, I've decided to stop adding wrist-cuffs in my suggestions here, as lately I've started feeling more like they are a jewellery item. by that I mean, yes, having something on the wrists does tend to make an outfit more put-together, but what exactly that thing is [an indeed, if it's there at all] is personal. It's also a bit beyond the scope of these posts in which I intend to provide guidance on the basics of wardrobe construction. With what I suggest in these kinds of posts you have a good, solid base but personal touches have to come from the person.

Anyway, after all that rambling feast your eyes on my sample coords for Ida!

I really loved the idea of pairing the IW camisole with a bolero and I think it works rather nicely. The third coord feels a bit more otome to me with those shoes, and it's probably my favourite of the three!

Not much to say about these coords; they are all fairly simple variations on the skirt. I'd have loved to have included some purple pieces to match it but, as always, I've tried to keep things as versatile as possible. Though, having said that a plain beret and a pair of solid tights shouldn't cost more than $20 so that' an easy way to get some really catchy coords out of this skirt.

I tried to keep these coords a little different from the ones above but, naturally, they ended up a bit same-y. If Ida had more skirts and like blouses more I'd have a few more options in that regard but with only three skirts and a preference for boleros I couldn't justify adding any more than the white one.

This dress is so cute! It was fun to play with something so bright and retro feeling.

I always say plain pieces are great... but this one gave me trouble! Sailor dresses are just so hard to do much with, but I think these outfits still show how you can get some variety out of a piece like this.

Another adorable OP! This dress just made me so happy, it's such a cheerful looking print an the colours are so vibrant it's just a pleasure to come up with outfits for.

This JSK is more fitting than the sailor OP above of how nice and versatile simpler pieces can be; a dark outfit, a light one and a fun one! Pairing this with the pink beret and tights  along with the white blouse could also be really nice.

I really love chocolate prints, there's just something so rich and warm about chocolate that I feel suits the lolita aesthetic really well.

The coords for this JSK cam out a bit repetitive, but I think they're still sufficiently different to give Ida a few options.

I'm know I'm admitting to a lot of similar outfits here but I have to say it again; these outfits are somewhat same-y. Switching out the Mary Janes for a pair of boots in one would be awesome, but I couldn't justify including them in my suggestions. But I'm getting around that by suggesting them here, so there you have it.

Not much to say here, except I find this print a little bit creepy.

Surprisingly,this JSK was one of my favourites to coord! I didn't like it much when it came out on the Bodyline website, but after having a virtual play with it I think it's really cute. Not something I'd wear myself, but still very cute.

Lastly, this lovely JSK. Not much to say about the outfits, so I'll take this opportunity to say I loved the music theme that was running through a lot of Ida's wardrobe. It's uncommon to see someone with a collection of music-themed items, so it was fun to get to play with a bunch of them all at once.

Though I'm not sure when I'd get around to it if you with uni and life and all, dear reader, are interested in me taking a look at your wardrobe of under twenty main pieces and suggesting how to perhaps make it more cohesive and versatile please leave me a comment and let me know ^__^

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