Sunday, 16 December 2018

A berry sweet capsule wardrobe

Hurr hurr I like puns ^__^

Anyhoo, enough on my terrible sense of humour. I've been slowly working on this capsule for month and only just now got around to finishing it. It took me so long, in fact, that the CGL thread where a pink/red/sax sweet wardrobe was recommended is long gone. Sorry random anon! I did put this together with you in mind!

I had a heap of fun with this wardrobe. I was trying to channel something circa 2010 - not oldschool and not OTT but just (to me) typically simple sweet lolita. I ran with a bit of a bunny berry theme, as you can see.

It was a really fun challenge to put together a three colour (plus neutral) capsule wardrobe. I think I manage it pretty well - I didn't feel like there were any items that didn't pull their weight, and I also didn't feel that anything was missing. Well, except for a few more pairs of shoes, but I know that I have a thing for wanting way more shoes than is necessary!

As usual, I put together some sample coordinate for this wardrobe...enjoy ^__^

Angelic Pretty's Cherry Berry Bunny was the cornerstone main piece to this wardrobe. Not only is it the most distinctive print, it features all three of the requested colours in a way that makes it super easy to coord.

Every other main piece in the wardrobe, like this cute BTSSB gingham-ish affair, will work easily with two of the colours and of course the neutral. Something I really enjoyed in these coordinates is how having the red cutsew and red bolero being slightly different shades of red gives quite a different vibe.

I had to include a Karami JSK for a 2010-ish wardrobe! And I enjoyed styling it in both somewhat typically oldschool-ish ways and a bot more modern as well, though it's not a dress that you can ever really pull away from older kinds of styling. I particularly love the two coords on the left, especially the all-sax one.

I only included one OP and one skirt in this capsule, but to make up for that I wanted to try coording the onepiece with each colour in the wardrobe. I think I did a pretty good job and I actually really love the coordinate with the blue ^__^

Last of all we have Meta's Cherry Gingham print, which I think is a really cute, retro kind of print - especially in this skirt cut! And no, I'm not biased towards that cutsew just because I happen to own, not at all...

I had a lot of fun with this wardrobe! Not really something I'd wear myself, but an aesthetic that I very much enjoyed playing around with. I will say though...I kind of want a big Usakumya now...


  1. Oooh, this looks so fun! It's actually SO close to my red/white/blue colour scheme, but a lot sweeter in shade and in theme. I would've loved to see the Cherry Berry Bunny JSK with the red BtSSB bolero, that could've been a cute retro-ish coord. This is a great capsule wardrobe!

    1. Thank you! I had so much fun with it and I love that, like you point out, there are still soooo many outfit options that I didn't explore.