Friday, 26 January 2018

My 2018 lolita goals

Having already put up some posts looking back on 2017, both my outfits and my goals, it's time to share my lolita goals for 2018. I’m planning to make it a big year in a lot of ways in all aspects of my life, but in the interests of staying on topic I’ll just share the lolita ones here ^__^

These goals are in no particular order, but let’s start with my intention to lose weight. This is such a cliché resolution that I’m almost embarrassed to post it. But the fact is I’m quite fat at the moment, and that makes me unhappy in basically ever aspect of my life. Not only does it affect my everyday life and health, I can’t do the modelling I want, can’t get into doing the cosplay I want, and, more importantly for my readers here, can’t fit into most of my lolita clothes properly. So this year I am actually committed to losing some weight, rather than just talking about it.

Some of the pretties I own but don't yet fit.

In lolita terms, the measure of success for this is that I intend be able to fit nearly every item in my wardrobe by the time 2019 rolls around. At that point I’ll also be able to gauge what items are unlikely to ever fit properly and can remove them from my collection. I already made a start on that this year with my wardrobe post, because I set the mannequin to match my smallest recorded measurements and anything that didn’t fit it nicely at that point is now in my to sell pile.

And, speaking of that pile, my next goal is to actually sell all the things I need to sell. At this point I don’t even care too much about getting a fair price for them, I just want them gone! This is a goal I’m hoping to achieve well before the end of the year, hopefully in the next few months. I may even pop a sales post up here…or update the sales page I made but never update!

Related to both of the above, in a way, I intend to make only minimal purchases this year. I have some big plans for life outside lolita this year, and part of that involves being more savvy with my money so I intend to cut down on all discretionary spending. Honestly this isn’t much of a big deal because my lolita wardrobe is great right now. And especially as I lose weight and fit into more things I haven’t been able to wear for a bit that’s almost like getting new clothes anyway! So I intend to only purchase things from my wishlist (more of that in a moment) and very little else. I may grab a thing or two that’s not on the list, especially if I do manage to get my to sell pile sold and thus have a little cash to play with, but my rule there is going to be only buying things that I can fit and wear immediately.

To achieve this goal I’m planning to try to steer clear of browsing any sales sites, especially Yahoo Japan. I tend to be naughty when it comes to buying things from auction sites because since international shipping is expensive anyway, and I can let things sit in the Buyee warehouse for a while I tend to chase after things that are cheap and pretty but that I don’t necessarily need. It’s not like I’ve made stupid purchases, nor do I regret things I’ve bought recently, but I want to cut down on this and spend a little as possible on new lolita items this year.

I mentioned a wishlist above, and like the last couple of years I do have a distinct (if small) list of things I would like to purchase this year if I find them at a good price. There are three subsections to this year’s list; gap fillers, an actual wishlist, and some more fawn fur things.

I will never have too much fawn fur.

To start with, there are still a few filler pieces I would like to add to my collection. These are:
  • Brand lace topped OTKS in white
  • Brand lace topped OTKS in black with white lace
  • A new short sleeved brown bolero
  • Better a-line petticoat
  • Sweet jewellery, mostly necklaces and rings
Some of these items I might even make myself. I have started on some necklace pendants and I know I can make boleros, so who knows. All in all it’s a pretty short and simple list so I should be able to achieve them all. And I do intend to do exactly that!

In terms of my actual wishlist, these are some main pieces I would like to add to my wardrobe if they can come into my life cheaply and easily. I’m not going to actively hunt them down, but I will keep an eye out. As I’ve mentioned when posting my wishlist before I am hunting more for types of things rather than specific items.

Some of the types of things I'm keeping an eye out for...

And the last, and actually least for once, of my purchasing goals there are a few more pieces I would like to add to my fawn fur collection. This is so very, very unnecessary I’m almost hesitant to put it up but hey. I like making my intentions known!
  • Fawn fur capelet
  • BTSSB fawn fur beret
  • Fawn fur coat
  • Any unique fawn fur items
Then lastly in 2018 I want to continue to be active in the fashion. I’m not going to set any specific amounts of things to do but I do want to go to some more meet ups, do some photoshoots, continue to wear lolita when the opportunity arises and even make some opportunities for it. Given that my wardrobe really is in a good place, I want to make the most of it in a variety of ways. So I’ll be continuing to post outfit round ups every quarter and when I do photoshoots I’ll share them here as well as on my modelling page on Facebook. I’m probably never going to be the most active lolita out there, but I enjoyed what I got up to in 2017 and intend to continue along that path.

Modelling with Angeline Bubsy photographed by The Enthusiast.

So those are my goals for 2018! Do you have anything you’re planning to achieve, in lolita or in life in general, over the next twelve months?

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