Wednesday, 14 September 2016

My first JSK; L417 oufits

I have to say that I get a lot of pleasure out of the fact that I still own and love my first ever lolita JSK, L417 from Bodyline. It's a little hard to match, but it's a lovely piece all the same.

This dress has so many things I like: a floral pattern, a fairly simple cut and not too much ornamentation but enough that it's to dull, and it's brown so it's easy to match with my wardrobe.

For the first coordinate I went a very classic route, and it turned into quite a simple outfit in the end. It's very well matched though; the lace on the blouse is similar to that on the JSK, both the headpiece and the socks are floral, and all in all it's a very pleasantly cohesive outfit.

My second outfit is super casual... definitely something I would wear! Not much more to say about it, really.

This last outfit I'm actually not too sure about. I think it would look really cute when actually on a body but something just feels a little off about it to me.

In the end I actually feel my satisfaction with these outfits was highest with the first and lowest with this. But ah well. Half the point of doing these posts is to try new things. I could have easily pulled together three outfits that just paired this dress with different variations of brown and ivory but that would just be boring and wouldn't help me expand my coording horizons at all.

Do you ever experiment with your loltia wardrobe and come up with results that you feel aren't quite there? What do you do if that happens?


  1. I quite like that last outfit, but I think I know why it doesn't quite sit with you. I think it might be because the shade of the blouse and the shade of the ruffle at the bottom of the JSK are similar, but not quite the match that you'd hope they are. And that in turn makes the colour on the socks feel a bit too light (or the blouse too dark, either way). But I still really like it, that's probably the closest one to something that I would wear. :)

    I feel like whenever I do these one main piece coord posts, there's always, always that one outfit that just doesn't quite sit right with me. Maybe I'm missing a piece for it or it's just an experiment gone a bit pear shaped, but I feel like there's always one. But as you said, it's part of the deal. You can stick with all the safe options, but that won't make for an interesting or inspiring post to read. Plus I think it's good to keep a record of those outfits that weren't 100% fine because this will teach you what went wrong already and you can learn and improve from it.

    1. Thanks for the comment! Hmmm you may be right with the last one but I think it is also a case of how different flat-lays look vs. an outfit in real life.

      Haha I'm glad I'm not the only one! And I definitely agree that it's goo to try thing and share them even if they aren't quite perfect.