Monday, 11 January 2016

Chocoberry outfits

Bodyline's Chocoberry skirt in black is probably my most-worn lolita piece. It's so cute and easy to wear, especially in super-casual ways, that I find I go to it more often than anything else.

I mean, how cute is that print? And I think that the lace and the ruffle trim are really nice so this is definitely one of Bodyline's top-notch pieces.

My first outfit was a casual look. Not really much to say about this, except I'm glad I now have strawberry socks to match! I maybe want to get a strawberry hairclip or two in future to be extra matchy-matchy.

Then I went in a completely new direction for this skirt because I wanted to match the skirt with these super-cute Baby socks. And I love it! I've never paired this skirt with so much not-black before and I really think it gives it a very different vibe. This is a much more typically sweet lolita look and as I said, I love it!

I know, I know. I've used a beret in every outfit in the post. But that's just how I roll, okay? This was a super casual "how would I wear this just to go out" look... you may not be able to tell in the picture but there's just a plain black t-shirt underneath the bolero. I would totally wear this. I would totally wear all three of these outfits. I guess that just further emphasises that this really is one of my favourite skirts.

Do you have an easy to wear favourite item in your lolita wardrobe?

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