Monday, 28 September 2015

Review #39: The Floral Notebook

When The Floral Notebook announced she was opening for orders briefly again in August I was very, very excited. So excited that I ended up ordering three new blouses, her Princess of the Rose blouse in ivory, sax and black.

Like the first time I ordered from her she was lovely to deal with, though she didn't send me my tracking number until I asked if my blouses had shipped. She easily accommodated my request that my black blouse have black buttons. Her prices had gone up slightly since the last time I ordered from her, and at the time, including shipping it worked out to about $70AUD per blouse. And it was totally worth it.

One of my three new beauties.

Firstly, and of course your mileage may vary on this, the colours are perfect. I asked for "black, sax and ivory" and as we all know in lolita sax and ivory can vary quite dramatically. But I got exactly the shades I wanted; an ivory that is closer to white than beige and a sax that is light and bright but still slightly muted. Obviously, that's just luck or coincidence since I was very vague on colours but it made me so happy that they were so perfect.

How neat is that sleeve elastic?

Secondly and far more importantly, the quality has improved since the first blouse I ordered from her. I've only found one tiny flaw so far, which is where some stitching has been unpicked and left those tiny pin-prick marks, but other than that the sewing is impeccable and they are a very polished and professional product.

Pretty buttons and nice ruffles.

Lastly, the sizing is pretty spot on. I got the XL, which is a little smaller than I needed and it fits just like it theoretically should. That is, it fits well, but tightly with a tiny bit of gaping between the bust buttons. So if you are hovering slightly above one of her standard sizes you should be fine to size down, but if you're right between two sizes it'd be best to go up. Button gaping is fine for me because I am a. losing weight and b. mostly planning on wearing them with JSKs anyway.

The black blouse in a dark classic springtime outfit.

As far as timing went on my order I placed it on the 15th of August, and paid the PayPal invoice she sent on the 17th. On the 17th of September I asked when they would be done as I hadn't heard anything for a while and she replied on the 20th with my tracking number and saying they had been shipped the previous week. I received the package on the 25th of September. So all in all that's a pretty decent turnaround time.

Overall I am really glad I got to order from The Floral Notebook again, and am very pleased with what I got for the price I paid. If I am still wanting more blouses when she next opens for orders I will definitely be getting myself some more.

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