Thursday, 23 July 2015

Velveteen and floral outfits, the red edition

Or pink, I think. I'm pretty sure this is the "pink" colourway of Bodyline's L479. I actually own this dress in two colours, and have already shared the outfits I made for the brown version. It's a very comfortable dress, is good quality, and is surprising versatile in both colourways.

My phone treated the colours of this dress differently every time I photographed it, but I tried to get them fairly accurate in that close up. It is a very vibrant dress, and that's what I like about it.

First off I put together a very simple outfit which I probably how I'd wear it most readily... maybe with added cream tights, maybe without. This outfit really lets the dress stand out on its own without adding too much else. It's a very vintage-looking outfit too, which I like.

Then there were layers! I had trouble laying out the bolero with the dress, so ignore how odd that looks... it would look significantly better worn! For this outfit I really ran with the floral theme and tried to tone it down a bit by adding a lot of rich brown.

Lastly, another simpler outfit, though a bit more interesting than the first one. I'd do some kind of up-do to stick all those flowers into, and probably add a pearl necklace and bracelets to make it a little more classy while still being cute. This is probably my favourite outfit out of the three, too.

Do you have a dress or skirt you love so much you got it in multiple colours?

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