Wednesday, 1 July 2015

July Goals & June Reflections

Remember how I said in my post about goals in the beginning of June how I was jumping into the deep end and making some lifestyle major changes? Yeah, about that...

A few curveballs came my way and I didn't do anywhere near as good over the past month as I intended. I made meal plans but different meals and junk food snacks crept in and I even had KFC one day. I did go to the gym more than in May, but not as many times as I intended and swimming fell by the wayside.

Post-swim selfie from June 1st, the only time I went swimming last month.

However! Despite not following the plan as intended, I've still made some good progress this month. Though weight and measurements have stayed largely the same I am definitely in better physical shape than the beginning of June; I'll list some of my fitness achievements at the end of this post. And even though my diet was nowhere near as good as I was aiming for I still devised a meal plan every week, stuck to it about 60% of the time and we even learned how to make delicious sushi!

I have to say that meal planning has probably been the single best thing coming out of last month, and as long as we don't buy snack foods in future it's going to be even better at keeping our diets in a good state. We're also making an effort to try something new each week, which last week was roasted brussels sprouts, which were actually pretty okay.

Overall, though if you're measuring success by if a goal is achieved 100% June was a bit of a fail. However, I've definitely made improvements and have learned a few things about myself, or at least solidified what I already knew. Mental health is just as important as the physical, and if that means eating KFC once a month, that's fine in the grand scheme of things. I'm also getting better at learning to differentiate between moments of "I don't want to do this, and will feel better if I don't" and "I don't want to do this, and will feel better if I do it anyway". So even though June wasn't the great leap forward I intended it to be, it was definitely a step in the right direction.

Current Specs:
Bust: 104
Waist: 87
Hips: 120
Weight: 92.5 

June Achievements:
1. Made a meal plan every week.
2. Decreased rowing machine time for 2000m from 10:18 to 9:42
3. Increased elliptical distance covered in ten minuted from 1.8 to 1.9
4. Decreased assisted chin-up weight from 75kg to 70kg.


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    1. Whoops! I accidentally hit the "remove comment button" and stupid blogger has no way of reversing that. Thank you for the comment anyway :)

  2. Question: how are you able to fit into that Bodyline OP from the shoot that you just posted if those are your measurements? Idk if you've mentioned modding some of your dresses?

    1. I don't remember what the official measurements of that OP are but it must go bigger - I haven't modded any of my dresses for a better fit. It is a tight fit at the moment, but it does zip up fully.