Friday, 10 July 2015

A quick lolita update.

Long time no post! Well, six days isn't long, exactly, but I definitely won't be posting anything tomorrow and am sick so who knows how long until I get my head in enough order to write more content. So I thought a quick update post would be good so the blog doesn't linger unloved for an entire week or more...

Firstly, I'm really excited because I won Luna Rain's giveaway and as a prize I'm getting this awesome set of accessories and stuff!

Picture from Luna's blog.

Secondly, one of our housemates moved out, which is sad, but on the upside James and I have almost finished turning his old bedroom into a fantastic workroom and will probably be turning our old workroom into a little photography studio. It's been hectic, but so damn good. I have sewing plans to enact in the new workroom already, with the first things being a royal blue bolero and offwhite-with-blue-flowers JSK.

Also, not really an update but just something funny I noticed is that my lolita wardrobe is entirely florals and solids, with the exception of two fruit themed and one gothic piece. I went through and had a wardrobe purge and then, going back to look at what I was keeping, realised it was overwhelmingly floral.

A slightly older series I'm gradually falling in love with...

Lastly, I really love AP's upcoming Classic Fairy Tales series but fortunately for my wallet my absolute favourite cut is the OP which, being unshirred, won't fit me. And probably wouldn't take my Western shoulder regardless of my weight anyway. But it seems to be a bit of an unpopular series, so maybe I can get something from it secondhand down the track since I also can't really afford it right now either.

One day...

Well, that was a bit of a ramble but hey... this blog is aptly named. I shall hopefully be back with some more fresh content soon; I have another wardrobe challenge in the works and if the sewing goes well I'll be sharing that as well.


  1. Congrats on winning, that print is so beautiful!

    1. Thank you, I was (and still am) so excited by it!