Saturday, 6 June 2015

Ten more blog post ideas for lolitas

I've had a few more ideas since sharing my post of fourteen blog post ideas for lolitas, so here we have another ten! Of course, even though both my lists exclude them, outfit posts, meet-up and event reports, hauls and clothing reviews are always great blogging material. These are just some more supplementary ideas for the times when you want to blog more, but aren't sure what to blog about.

1. Something that I see blogged about occasionally is "your ideal lolita ... " where the ellipsis can be "coordinate", "meet-up", "shop", "print idea" and so on and so forth. There's a lot of imagination and fantasy in lolita, I find, so why not share your daydreams about the prints you'd love to see of the shops you'd like to run or visit?

2. Again this isn't an idea I've come up with but it's something I think would be fun to do, and in fact it was a Lolita Blog Carnival topic once or twice, but coming up with coordinates for your favourite characters would be fun. For bonus points, take characters from literature rather than a visual medium, that way you don't have to conform to expected hairstyles, colour schemes etc.

I'm just going to leave this here... 
and perhaps make my own fandom outfits soon...

3. Share how you store your lolita clothes, or even just snapshots of your wardrobe. I for one love seeing lolita clothes all hung up together.

4. Try to make an outfit in the style of one of your lolita idols. Better yet, wear the outfit you came up with, do your hair and make-up like they do, and try to take an outfit photo like they would.

5. Write lolita fiction! I love the America's Next Top Lolita comic and think that if you have the time and creativity to tell lolita stories, why not go for it?

6. Tell you readers about your dream dresses. Perhaps make an initial post about the lolita things you'd love to have, then post again when you acquire pieces or change your mind; just keep your readers in your "dream dress" loop.

7. Share how you put coords together; do you start with a dress, a theme, or something else entirely? What inspires the choices you make when putting together an outfit? That's why I've loved the February Dress Me Up theme on EGL these past two years; it gives you some insight into how differently people can approach the same clothes. Sometimes I see outfits that work really nicely but I would have never, ever put those pieces together so it would be cool to see inside other people's heads when it comes to coording.

8. Teach us something! Write a tutorial for anything lolita-related you can do well from crafting to baking to photography to hairstyling and beyond.

9. I read this on someone else's blog, but for the life of me can't remember who! If you know, please tell me so I can credit them for this good idea. Which is; write the names of your main pieces on slip of paper, put them in a jar or hat or whatever, then do the same with either the colours your tops are or themes or something like that. Then pull a slip out of each jar and try to make it work!

10. Tell us about your strategy for wardrobe building; either what you did, or what you'd do if you were starting your wardrobe from scratch again.

Hypothetical wardrobes are my jam. This one can be found here.

I hope there are some useful ideas in here for my fellow lolita bloggers! If you have a lolita blog please leave a link in the comments so I can check it out ^__^


  1. This reminds me I want to do a DIY tutorial post soon, but it's hard to think of ideas for that too! I used to make headdresses too but I left all my supplies in Ireland ;_;

    { }

    1. I look forward to reading whatever it is you DIY about!

  2. Wonderful ideas! Shall try some of these~

    Clairey xx

  3. Another bunch of good ideas! I actually have something in mind for an outfit inspired by a real person, very similar to 2.

    1. Thank you! Will you blog your person-inspired outfit?

    2. If I put it together and it doesn't look too silly I will! Otherwise I'll keep it in the closet for Halloween.

    3. I hope it looks cute, because I'm curious! :)