Monday, 11 February 2013

Review #9: Bodyline

A couple of weeks ago our household, and especially James and I, had to deal with a whole lot of unpleasantness from the horrible man who "rented" the granny flat of our place. Long story short, it was distressing  and James and I decided to treat ourselves to a little retail therapy.

We got several accessories and a schoolgirl outfit [LDC049 if anyone's curious] for photoshoots as well as two dresses for me and one of their boystyle seperates sets. So, with no further ado, onto the review!

L379, 2L in Black

The biggest question was: get the OP or get the JSK? James was saying I should get both, but it would have been a case where I would have loved one and the other would have sat in the closet gathering dust. I slept on it [what, buying clothes is serious business!] and decided to go with the halter-neck JSK. I got the 2L rather than the 4L even though technically my bust won't fit the 2L. Apparently my waist is a fair bit smaller than the average bust/waist ratio because frequently I have to buy things that are too large for my waist...not that I'm complaining, tending more towards hourglass is nothing but a good thing. But in any case, with this dress ordering a size smaller than my bust was a good idea because it fits perfectly, and a 4L would have been way too large. In person, this dress is cute and nice and it's refreshing to have something of a solid colour in my lolita wardrobe!

This dress is on the better end of Bodyline quality, a couple of loose threads being the only flaw in otherwise quite sturdy construction. The only thing was that it had a really strong factory smell when I pulled it out of the bag which was pretty icky. But a quick wash and all is well.

I tried to take some detail shots but my phone decided that it hates this dress, so I have nothing. But the stock photo is very accurate, so you do get what you expect with this JSK.

L479, 2L in Brown

This dress, according to the measurements, doesn't fit me. But it's one I've always wanted ever since I first started trawling Bodyline so on James's suggestion we got it anyway, and I am so glad we did. It's a perfect fit and is flat out the most gorgeous dress I own. It's just beautiful! The colours are so much darker and richer than they appear in the stock photo, the fit is perfect [even though my measurements are 102/82cm as opposed to 96/88cm, go figure] and it's so lovely! Both the neck and waist bows picture are detachable, however the waist ties are not. It's just do delicate and lovely and princess-y, this is a phenomenal dress.

James got a quick snapshot of me while I was frolicking happily, and as you can see this is actually a really good dress for a medium busted lolita. Personally I like the way the dress sits on me far more than how it sits on the model in the stock photos. This shot is also pretty spot on to the dress's colour in real life, unlike the stock photo.

L493, 2L

Is this steampunk, Barry? Yes, Other Barry, it's steampunk.

Imagine these with a better blouse, hot boots and a big, big gun...cos that's how we're shooting them next week! Yay, steampunk photoshoot! I've actually been thinking about dabbling in boystyle a bit lately, so it was exciting when James was all like "lets get this outfit". There's not all that much to say about this set, they're quite good and really look exactly like the product photo, so no photo from me!

As far as shipping and stuff goes, it took a few days longer for us to get this order than previous times. The packages came on Friday the week after postage  and they normally some between Monday and Wednesday. But still, that's nothing like the delays I've been hearing some girls in the US have been having lately so it's all good.


  1. Ohh how did you find the LDC049? I'm scare it is too small for me but it looks so cute! And I looove your blog! So helpful! :D

    1. We actually just used it in a shoot two days ago, there's a BTS shot of it on our model on the Soul Capture facebook page that may help you gauge sizing. And thank you ^__^

    2. Ah thank you! That was so helpful! And wow! The photographs are amazing!!!