Thursday, 24 November 2016

Another lolita capsule wardrobe

What can I say, when I like a thing I tend to stick with it for a while. So, shortly after having put together my hypothetical Project 333 inspired lolita capsule wardrobe, I immediately thought about how I could possibly improve it. Mostly, though I am a huge fan of having more options than main pieces in small lolita wardrobes, I wanted to try putting one together with a wider selection of main pieces. Then, because that's not challenge enough, I wanted to put something together that was more thematically varied as well.

So, below is the wardrobe I devised. I really tried to stretch myself both aesthetically and colour-wise here, and to make it less matchy-matchy than the first hypothetical capsule wardrobe.

As you can see we're spanning religious themes, a floral piece, a harlequin chess-piece JSK, whatever you classify Dim Light as, as well as having a few different solid pieces. Burgundy is decidedly the dominant colour, but instead of running with a more easily neutral burgundy/off-white/brown colour scheme I also added black piece to really add some different looks to the wardrobe, which I think make it more realistic, in a way. Yes, it would have been a lot easier to run with brown (or maybe even pink) but using black as well give the hypothetical wearer a lot more actual variety. You can pull almost gothic outfits from this wardrobe, as well as almost sweet ones, which you wouldn't have been able to if I'd kept it in a more cohesive, 100% classic colour scheme. is very burgundy! So all in all I'm not sure how successful this attempt at versatility was - it's certainly thematically versatile, but not so much in colours. But if this was for a person who has a favourite colour in burgundy, or who looks best in that colour, that would not be a problem. Personally, I'd rather limited themes with more varied colours but it was good to experiment with trying to get as many different prints and patterns in there as possible!

Of course, no hypothetical wardrobe from me is complete without example outfits, so here we go.

I actually really adore this JSK, it's really a piece that you can dress up or down...though I don't think you can ever make it casual! Though these four outfits are all distinctly in the same colour scheme I think they all convey different aesthetics.

Spoiler alert; the coord on the bottom left is the only outfit where I pair a burgundy main piece with black. I thought it worked here, but not really anywhere else. I really love Dim's such a lovely print and this cut in particular is so very dramatic.

Antique Bouquet is another Meta print I love, and can be worn in a few different ways in this wardrobe. Not much more to say about these outfits, really, except that I would wear each and every one of them!

And here we see how this wardrobe can produce some very different outfits! I would say that the top right outfit is quite gothic, bottom left is gothic-sweet (if there is such a thing). while the other two are firmly classic.

Again, the second black JSK gives the hypothetical wardrobe wearer some more versatile options as this JSK is firmly classic, but a rather cute classic, and that is reflected in the different aesthetics of these example outfits.

The sole skirt of this wardrobe is simple black, which I felt allowed for a range of looks from old-school-esque almost sweet to classic to kuro.

This OP is adorable, and though it is a solid colour, sailor lolita is very distinctive! This particular dress, I felt, could be styled in simpler, cuter ways and also in rather more opulent classic looks.

Lastly, the second OP in this wardrobe is a very, very, very obviously themed piece. I found it the hardest to coordinate, but given that this is more of a special occasion piece anyway, that's not necessarily too much of a bad thing.

Lastly, I threw together a couple of coordinates with the coat, because I didn't use it in any of the outfits because,'s a coat. It's just there to go over things when it's very cold, but I thought it deserved a couple of outfits as well.

So there we have it, my second hypothetical Project 333 inspired lolita capsule wardrobe. To be completely honest, I don't like this one as much as the first. however, it was good to stretch myself and try an approach to this that is not my favoured way.


  1. Lovely wardrobe. It has some of my prefered colours(black and wine) and some of my favorite prints(dim light and chess knight jsk).