Saturday, 30 June 2018

Lolita Blogpost Roundup: June 2018

Hi everyone! I'm not dead, I promise! Still not in the mood for blogging much but I'll keep up these round up posts and outfit posts as well, even if I'm inactive in all other ways ^__^

Inspiration: damare_kozou from RuffleCloud's Adventures
I love posts that link back to older resources...leading you down a glorious rabbit hole of fashion!

To Buy or Not to Buy Brand from Cupcake Kamisama
This is a great thoughtful piece about the brand market in lolita fashion - well worth a read. It was a good reminder for me that spending money on more expensive brand pieces, or paying stupid shipping on indie brand pieces, is not wasted money because there are cheaper options; it's a way of supporting the continuation of the fashion I love.

Presenting Dentelles Fanzine 3rd issue! from Ruban Rose
Is it bad that I didn't know this publication existed? But I do now and so do all of you!

Catching Up from Lolita Wonderland
My favourite lolita blogger is back...and with flat lays? Double win!

Diary of a Lolita from Parfait Doll
Another post from a blog that's been not particularly active lately. I'm not going to both summarising this post but it was a very good read, and relateable, and I suggest you check it out.

Paradiso 2018: A Model's Perspective **Lengthy Post** from Saxon Blues
Event posts are always fun to what are you waiting for?!

That's it for this month! I hope you enjoyed reading these posts as much as I did.


  1. Thanks for doing this post! I always look forward to round ups so I can catch any blogs I'm missing. Always want more lolita blogs to read!