Saturday, 16 June 2018

A white gothic capsule wardrobe

Currently on CGL there is a capsule wardrobe thread. Now, as you know, capsule wardrobes are kind of my thing, so I leapt on and said I'd try and take a crack at requested lolita wardrobes. And then, to my despair, this first request came in, for "a white main piece goth lolita capsule wardrobe. I like creams and blood reds and blacks too. If possible, no prints."

Oh dear.

But I gave it a shot anyway, and I think I am slowly starting to get the hang of gothic lolita a little bit more. I didn't adhere to the idea of no prints, and instead selected prints that are on the more minimal side. I will admit that I found the colour scheme a challenge as well, however it was a really good opportunity to try out something new. So, here's my attempt at a white/ed/black gothic lolita capsule wardrobe!

As you can see, it's very strictly tri-colour with the exception of the stained glass print. This is very much not me...even in wardrobes like this with limited colour schemes there's normally more hints of additional colours going on in the prints. And I normally include a lot more prints! So I found it a little challenging to put together properly unique outfits for each main piece. But I did my best and you can see the outfits below.

I love this print. I'm not really a Moitie fan, but man do I like this print. It was fair easy to coordinate, though I did find it challenging to incorporate the red pieces in these looks.

And oh my goodness. I've never really paid much attention to Atelier Pierrot because gain, I'm not very into gothic, but this JSK is gorgeous. The layers, the bustling, the details. To me, this is a perfect solid coloured dress. But again, I found it hard to coordinate with red!

I had a much easier time with this OP all round. It's something I would never, ever wear (it's the most "never" piece in this wardrobe) but I still think it's awesome!

I actually want to get a stained glass print eventually so I really enjoyed getting to coordinate this one digitally.

And finally we have the sole skirt of the wardrobe. I'm assuming the reds would match in the real world! Much as I love this skirt and the variety it brought to the wardrobe I did find it challenging to balance in the example coordinates.

Overall, I actually enjoyed getting to foray into gothic lolita territory. I'll be honest, I think this is one of my worst hypothetical wardrobes but still, it was a learning experience. In order not to end on a negative note, I pulled out my favourite coords from the ones above and collaged them together to prove that actually yes, I can sometimes do gothic lolita right!


  1. White goth is my favourite kind of goth, but it's SOOOO tricky to pull off well. I only know two people who have done it well, Gravelvet and my comm friend Jo (@tonblackberry on Instagram - I think she's only done white goth once, but it was fantastic and she definitely said she'd like to try it again!). I feel like with white it's so much more about accessories and cuts/shapes to convey the goth and the line between white gothic lolita and white classic lolita or shiro is incredibly thin. I think you've done well. The reason why you might have struggled with the reds is that you have a mix of true red and burgundy in there? It might've been easier with just burgundy. It was a good choice though with that OP and the Atelier Pierrot pieces (I so want one, but they are sooo dressy and most of the times 100% polyester, which puts me off a little - but they work so well for elegant classic coordinates!), they really are on theme here. Maybe a white bat or white coffin bag could add that extra touch of gothiness to the coords too?

    1. I know right? So stunning when done well..and when not it's just sloppy! (though I guess you could say that about literally anything).

      You're right about my reds not matching, I'm so used to ascribing colour differences to stock photo discrepancies but in retrospect there are properly different colours here, not just differently toned photos.

      And OMG yes, a white coffin bag would be perfect!

  2. I can see why you struggle, to me it is just my base palette(beside I use ivory/cream more than white, as white is really harsh to work with). To be honest it is really hard to pull off a true strictly tricolour. I normally don't do that. It is good as base, but it is more about balancing out with other colours.
    I always found the strictly monocrome, duocrome or tricrome gothic ala moite boring and very dated.
    It is way too harsh, instead it is worth to look at Ateiler Pierrot's Instagram to see how they coordinate. They often use different shades of same base colour to create depth, despite using a relatively limited colour palette.
    But again, gothic isn't my main style.
    Another thing to balance the reds offis to use red shoes or solid socks, the diamond pattern is classic, but it is ivory/red and way too bold here. It worked well with the solid dress, but not much else.

    1. You're right about tri-colour being challenging, I didn't like it much. But oh well, it's a good practise for my coording skills.

      I'll have to stalk Ateiler Pierrot's Instagram as I think they may be a new love of mine...