Saturday, 8 April 2017

Closetchild mini haul

It’s funny to think that in all the time I’ve been a lolita – which is coming onto five years now – I have not once ordered from Closetchild. Until now, that is.

Two items that were on my list of wardrobe goals came up for sale at the same time, and I decided to go for it. I also eyed off a number of other things (cutsews and OTKS, mostly) but in the end kept my purchases to a minimum and got only what I needed. So, which items where these from my list? An ivory short sleeved bolero and a pair of black wristcuffs.

I’ll be honest, after shipping costs kicked in I had a moment of regret for buying these. But even though it’s harder to get excited about basics they are things I needed for my wardrobe, and I am pretty proud of myself for not buying additional items to make myself feel better about the cost of shipping.

Overall I found Closetchild pretty straightforward to order from – their how-to guide for international customers was handy and everything was simple enough. I ordered and paid on 19 March, received an email that the order was received on the 20th, it shipped on the 22nd and arrived on the 27th. And yes, I am aware this review is a bit late but hey, better late than never. All in all Closetchild provided a good service and I will happily buy from them again.

Onto the items! First of all I got Innocent World's Ribbon and Pearl Short Bolero in beige, which is super pretty.

It is unfortunately too small on me - it fits, but it looks too small. I am going to hang onto it to see if it gets better as I lose weight or if it's just a problem with my big Western shoulders. It's a really lovely bolero though, the details are just gorgeous. And it is NWT!

Then I also got some AatP "wristcuffs". Why the quote marks? Because they're actually sock toppers...

And it's entirely my fault! The listing said sock toppers, but I wasn't really aware they were a thing, and given how Closetchild listings have been a bit haphazard lately I assumed it was a case of mislabelling or bad translation. But it wasn't, and so now I own some sock toppers and don't really know what to do with them...

So all in all, despite the experience of ordering being fine I'm not all that excited about my actual purchases. But ah well, you win some, you lose some. And at least now I have ordered from Closetchild so I'll be more comfortable doing so in future if something I want pops up.


  1. If you don't want the sock toppers, I'd be willing to buy them from you! I've been in search of them for awhile, but always find wrist cuffs.

    1. That would be great! Please send a message with an offer to my facebook page ( ... just don't want to publicly write my email). Shipping may be a bit pricey because I'm in Australia.

  2. Socktoppers is to hold your plain otks up.
    But I think you can use them as wrist or ancle cuffs as well. Or as short detacheable sleeve.

    1. I can see how they would be handy...just not for me, lol!

  3. Aw, it's a shame this order didn't quite work out how you wanted it to, but at least you've gained the confidence to go through the order process next time. I've still never ordered from Closer Child haha! I think a lot of us never really had to bother as we were able to find the pieces we wanted either new on brand sites or western sales comms.

    I think a lot of open style boleros are meant to look more shrug-like, rather than covering up much in front, so it probably doesn't look as small on you as you think! I own a bolero with a similar sort of design and initially thought it looked tiny on me, then realised that was literally just the style of it! Yours is super cute at any rate.

    I've not seen sock toppers in ages. They're very much an old school item and I don't think they were that popular, so I'm not surprised you'd not really come across them before. Probably they were more useful when it wasn't as easy to buy socks with the lace already attached!

    Hopefully you'll like your next order a lot more! <3

    1. Haha well I don't feel quite so alone then! I don't know, it just felt to me like I was the only long-term lolita who had never used it! I'm glad it's one more thing I know how to do now though, and I hope I haven't opened up a rabbit hole of "Oh, I'll just buy this little thing..."

      You do make a good point on the bolero style/fit - I'll have to try it on with a few different pieces and see how it goes. And I find it hard to imagine wearing loltia at a time where you had to prettify your socks with detachable bits - I swear we are spoilt for choice in this fashion now!