Friday, 9 December 2016

Lolita 52: Something that I made

If you’ve followed my blog for while you’ll know I’ve made several things in the time I’ve been in lolita. I even have two relevant blog tags; sewing and crafting (though not everything in those tags is strictly lolita). So since I blog about everything as I make it I don’t really want to just rehash that for this post.

For curiosity’s sake, I decided for this post to pull out everything I have made in my current lolita wardrobe to take a look at it all together.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with that turn out! I have made other things that have shortly made their way out of my wardrobe; two JSKs, at least two skirts and another short-sleeve bolero are what I can think of offhand. But these things I've kept are items I'm happy with and that I do actually wear. The cherry skirt in particular I wear a lot casually, and the brown bolero is just so handy!

I have plans for several things I want to sew, so we will see how that goes. I'll definitely blog about it ^__^


  1. They are really neat pieces. It is understandable why you are so happy for them.

  2. It's really cool that you've made all these pieces yourself! I am quite partial to a cherry print myself! They're super cute but can also be worn in a lot of different ways!

    1. Thank you! Cherry prints do made yourself something with a cherry print this year, didn't you? I seem to recall seeing a post about it...

    2. Oops, only just saw your reply >.<
      Yes, I made a white cherry skirt! Well-remembered ^_^