Monday, 19 December 2016

Lolita 52: What I thought when I got my first real piece of Lolita

Simply put; I loved it. Whether it was the pieces for eBay I bought at the very start, my early Bodyline, or my first brand, Lolita has always set my heart a-flutter. But just saying that would make a very short post, wouldn’t it?

If you count my first real pieces of Lolita as the first clothes I bought that were designed for the fashion, those would be an Ekaterina replica (though I didn’t know it was a replica at the time, not really) and dress/coat/thing from eBay. I enjoyed both of them so much. I felt pretty and happy and frilly when I wore them, and even though they weren’t perfect in construction they brought me a lot of joy.

The JSK from my very first Bodyline order, the only piece I still have from it.

However, if you’d call my first lolita perhaps more accurately as my first Bodyline, then my main thought here was that I was wowed by the prints and the details. You can see the pieces I got from Bodyline in my first order here. My love of lolita was cemented now – what was there not to love about this pretty, feminine, detailed fashion? I also started to fall in love with lace around here and even though Bodyline lace may not be the greatest, this was one of my first experiences with lace that wasn’t cheap raschel or basic eyelet lace, and I have never looked back since.

A flat lay with Loyal Rosette, before I sold it on.

And for the people who don’t count “real lolita” as anything other than brand, well, my thoughts then were a continuation of the same. Loyal Rosette was my first burando main piece, and it was such a lovely thing. Mostly, the quality was such a surprise and such a step up from Bodyline. I hadn’t truly believed that brand was really so different (and I still think there are a great many excellent non-brand lolita pieces) and so I revelled in the luxury of it all.

How was it for you when you got your first piece of "real lolita"?


  1. My slepnir jsk, I still own it, it is lovely print with unusual theme. I guess themewise it is not the best pick for newbie, but it has simple cut. I am the type who loves historical influences, so it was perfect. It is different from every other print I own, because they are floral or berry themed.

    1. It is a gorgeous print that one! And if it's perfect for you then it's perfect ^__^

      BTW I haven't forgotten about doing a Wardrobe Challenge post about your wardrobe, I just haven't found the time! I'm also having a bit of trouble because of the size of the pictures, are you able to give me better photos of them?

    2. I took pictures of everything for my wardrobe post, they are not better since I am pretty bad with camera.