Sunday, 11 October 2015

Lolita sewing: Ivory and blue floral JSK

Last weekend (which was a long weekend and also my birthday) I finally finished up work on a JSK that has been a long time in the imagining and a long time in the making. I will preface this post with saying that really I'm only about 40% happy with it. Aesthetically it's nice, my construction is pretty good by my standards but the bodice doesn't fit right and I made the lining too short so the lace on the hem doesn't show as much as it should. Mostly the fit bothers me, and I think I essentially made it too small so it's all bunchy. But I'm getting back on the fitness bandwagon so we'll see if it fits better in a few months.

Anyhoo, here are a few photos of the finished product! The colours are kind of all over the place in all these photos but the two close-ups are probably the most accurate.

Firstly, in an outfit with another handmade piece of mine in an outfit I would totally wear. You can see how little the hem lace shows here.

Especially compared to how gorgeous the lace really is! This is vintage eyelet lace I've been hoarding for years and never had the perfect project to use it on.

The bodice features this pretty floral guipure lace place in a bit of an old-school way up over the bust and along the top. I contemplated putting lace on the straps as well but it seemed like overkill in the end. This lace was expensive but so worth it, especially since the dress fabric was free and the eyelet lace was $2/metre.

Lastly, a quick shot of the back. I'm pretty pleased with how neatly my shirring turned out. Like I said at the start, other than the fit (which may improve as I lose weight) I'm quite pleased with how this turned out.

I'll be posting up one of my typical "one dress, three outfits" posts with this dress quite soon ^__^


  1. This is what I need to start doing - making my own stuff.
    I did a hobby sewing course ages ago so if I started small I reckon I could work up to a dress.
    This dress is really lovely too. The print is just gorgeous.
    I look forward to your "one dress, three outfits" post soon.

    1. Totally do it! Sewing is pretty fun, though it's more fun when things work out and significantly less fun when they don't :p

      Thank you ^__^