Friday, 22 August 2014

New skirt means new outfits...

Recently I impulse bought an older Bodyline floral print skirt off a fellow Australian lolita on facebook. And I love it! I wish Bodyline was making more piece like this now... though maybe not, or I'd have no room left in my wardrobe!

Anyway, since I haven't posted much recently I thought I'd put together a couple of outfits to show off my pretty new skirt. I have some reviews coming soon, including some about my ventures into burando [exciting!] but for now, please enjoy these two outfits.

First up is a autumn-y casual look. I have to say, I'm totally in love with that jacket [I actually have two of them, the other one is all cream]... so cute, so comfy and so warm!

Skirt: Bodyline
Jacket, Shoes & Flowers: Taobao
Tights: WeLoveColours

And this is a more typically lolita outfit! I'd wear this with some kind of braided updo with the big lace bow at the back... and I swear the reds match better IRL ^__^

Skirt & Socks: Bodyline
Blouse: The Floral Notebook
Shoes: Taobao
Lace Bow: Metamorphose temps de fille

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