Monday, 30 December 2013

Review #19: F+F Blouses

I recently had to sell off a bunch of my lolita due to a mixture of things no longer fitting and me gaining a better understanding of what my lolita style actually is [long story short, much as I adore sweet, I can't really wear it] but the upside of that was having a bit of cash to reinvest in some new lolita. Since blouses are what I really lack, and they're also the thing I can't sew for myself, I placed a nice little F+F order.

Longer reviews are below, but in summary all the blouses are quite nice as far as fabric quality and construction goes. My photos aren't that great but fortunately the stock photos are very true in regards to colour and all other details. However, sizing is a bit inconsistent so read on if you are thinking of purchasing any of these blouses. For reference, my bust is currently 95cm and I've listed what F+F said the bust was for each piece.

TP00051 in Lady 80 [Bust 92cm]

This is a blouse I have lusted after since compiling my hypothetical steampunk lolita wardrobe. So I gave into temptation and here we are. I love it. It's made of F+F's standard poly-cotton, and I love all the laces on it. I'm not the hugest fan of the fabric on the collar, but it does look good despite being a bit shiny. The blouse has detachable waist ties, the jabot is attached with press studs, and the ribbon bow is attached to the jabot on a pin, so you can move it around as desired.

Fit wise this one runs large as it is a perfect fit on me. The sleeves are also a great length on me, not tending toward shortness like some Bodyline blouses. For reference there I am 169cm tall, so this is definitely a good sleeve length for taller lolitas! All in all, it's a lovely blouse and I am really glad I got it.

TP00123 in Lady 80 [Bust 98cm]

I really, really like sailor lolita, but I'm not really into navy. So this is perfect for me! The first thing I really noticed is that it is definitely a loose fitting blouse, like the website says. You need to look at the last couple of model stock photos on the website to really see with, but this is not a fitted blouse. It does, however, look great like that. It certainly gives it a more casual vibe, but I like that.

As far as fit on the bust goes this is fairly accurate - it's listed as fitting a 98cm bust and it fits well on me. It might not fit too well if you are smack bang on 98cm though, so if in doubt, maybe go a size up.The sleeve cuffs are also a bit tight, so make sure to check that measurement as well!

TP00103 in Lady 80 [Bust 96cm]

I already have this blouse in white, but since I lost weight it only fits with the corset lacing full tightened, so I tea-dyed it for a shoot. But I really liked it. For me, this is a perfect lolita blouse - cute but not OTT, and the ruffles around the neckline made it look great under JSKs despite not having a collar. So now I have one in black and one in white, though I only snapped a photo of the white on for this review  ^__^

I don't remember how accurate the fit was to the listed measurements last time [silly me didn't put that in the last review] but this time around they were a tad on the small size - these blouses are skin tight. It's good, especially as I intend to shrink down a bit more, but I would definitely recommend getting the larger size if you are hovering between sizes. The sleeve cuffs are tight on me as well and I had to get James to help me tug them off, so that may be something to keep an eye on as well.

As far as postage goes, these were all instant shipping items. I ordered on the 16th and they were shipped the same day. I received them on my doorstep on the 21st, which is pretty quick to my mind, especially over Christmas.


  1. I really like the first blouse, although I don't like to wear green very much myself. I also found that Sweet Lolita didn't work for me after buying several pieces, I really mostly like the Gothic and Steampunky looking pieces. I still have to try and sell off the ones I got that don't suit me.

    1. I never used to wear green but I decided to take the plunge! I have Bodyline's corset skirt in green on it's way as well ^__^

      Yeah, I found I just felt uncomfortable in most sweet outfits, but it's still ym favourite substyle to look at!