Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Review #13: Lady Sloth

After admiring from afar for quite some time, I recently ordered the Silk Cherubims JSK from Polish indie brand Lady Sloth. After chatting with James we decided to go with a different version to the standard model with a more detailed bodice and a line of lace at the hem.

Isn't it a lovely design?

As there are a few steps involved with ordering from Lady Sloth, here is a bit of a timeline of how my order went.

March 16th: I sent an enquiry about the JSK via facebook. I knew it would be a few days until I got a reply because she had mentioned having computer troubles on her facebook page.
March 19th: After a couple of quick messages Lady Sloth sent me the order form and requested it be sent back via email.
March 20th: I roped James into measuring me and sent off the order form. I also discovered that I've somehow grown a centimetre taller...I think it's probably something to do with having better posture from doing more exercise. Or something like that. Anyways.
March 23rd: Invoice was sent and paid via PayPal. At this point I was expecting the JSK to arrive around the end of April as somewhere [thought I can't for the life of me remember where] I had seen a mention of a 2-4 week making time, so I had plenty of time to plot, plan and save inspiration pictures of coords other girls had made with this lovely dress.
April 25th: Got an email saying my order had been posted, and the general time for it to reach Australia was 10-14 days. Okay then, early May arrival it is. Still awesome. Still plotting. Maybe something a little more causal with my hardly worn bowler hat would look nice.
May 3rd: It's here! And it came on an awesomely times day after a set of stressful days. James went out first thing for McDonalds breakfast and when he came home, so did this package. All the happies in one morning.

Inside a sturdy postage satchel was the dress all neatly folded in a plastic bag with a cute little thank you card! 

Okay, Blogger doesn't want to orient that photo correctly. Weird. Anyways, that is how epically lovely the bodice it. The lace is just luscious, and the cute bow is detachable and perfectly made. Even the cotton of the bodice feels really nice, it's very soft to the touch. There's a Lady Sloth label at the back where labels usually are.

A neat little shirring panels with corset lacing is in the back. The dress has a hidden zipper on the left seam and is fully lined in some of the nicest lining I've ever seen. The silk of the skirt falls so nicely and feels great to the touch. The construction on this JSK is simply phenomenal; not a loose thread or sloppy stitch anywhere.

Now,  I didn't bother to grab a full length shot because this print is one of the better know lolita indie brand pieces but print is lovely in person and the colours are delightful. There are so many hints of blue and green in the print that one day I'd like to try coordinating it with a sky blue blouse and peacock feather accessories. 

As far as fit goes, since Lady Sloth's designs are all custom-made, it's damn near perfect. However, I've lost a few centimetres since ordering so we do need to tighten the corset lacing to make it fit tightly. I haven't compared things like the skirt length to what I asked for but it hits at the top of my knee, which is where I like my lolita skirts to finish so I am a very, very, very happy camper.


  1. Aah awesome! Thankyou :)
    Could you post a worn picture please?

    1. Haha I shall as soon as I wear it out in a good co-ord :D

    2. I know this is a very belated response, but I have a couple of pictures on my tumblr here: