Monday, 20 May 2013

Loliable Shops #2: Ally

A couple of weeks ago I took myself shopping to an actual  physical shopping centre. It was a decidedly surreal experience. I went with the intention of finding some loliable tops, but given that our Australian Autumnal trend seems to be for disgusting knitwear coupled with randomly placed spikes and lace inserts, I didn't have too much luck. However, even though a lot of things weren't to my taste, there were several pieces in Ally that could be worked into a lolita wardrobe.

Dramatic floral? Dramatic floral ^_^

  Patterned tights are all the rage, in and out of lolita. And monochrom eis always fun.

I love this fabric!

Of course, those dresses are a tad on the short side for lolita but shorter girls would have no problems, nor would those of us who can do a bit of modification. I can just see the dramatic floral dress with a few inches of nice lace at the hem and a ruffle of lace at the neckline ^__^

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