Monday, 21 January 2013

2013 Lolita Wardrobe Post.

January is apparently the time to post one's wardrobe to EGL, so post it I did - my little Bodyline, F+F and handmade wardrobe sneaking in amongst posts full of brand upon brand. I like my wardrobe this way. I've never been one to spend hundreds of dollars on a dress [shoes, now...that's a different story] so I like that there are budget lolita options.

I'm not going to cross-post the whole thing, but if you want to see my post on EGL you can find it here.

It was awesome to do this because it really let me take stock of my wardrobe. In 2013 I want to make a lot more of my own clothes [I'll let you in on a secret...I'm starting an indie brand soon!] and also support some of the awesome indie brands out there. I really need to get more accessories, especially tights and headwear, and I want to find some blouses that I love. I like the ones I have and they look good on me, but I really want to find a blouse I fall head over heels for.

But I love that I [with the help of my lovely man] was able to leap properly into this adorable fashion and get a complete wardrobe quickly. It's been a whole lot of fun so far and it's so cliché  I know, but wearing lolita makes me feel great!

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