Thursday, 20 December 2012

The Potters Cottage On Fletcher.

As an early Christmas present, James has taken the pair of us back to the Blue Mountains. And chilling here, feeling very relaxed and at peace and happy made me think that I ought to write up a bit of a recommendation for the cottage we stay at because it's a truly fabulous place.

The Potters Cottage is located at Wentworth Falls, a bit of a way out of the main township. It's tucked away behind the main house and surrounded by lovely lush gardens - today we encountered two gorgeous butterflies on the way to the car! The proprietor, Jim, is one of the hearty middle aged types who is absolutely delightful. He's friendly, welcoming and makes us feel right at home.

Stepping inside the front door [which currently sports a festive wreath] you walk past a washer and dryer into the kitchen, which has every darn thing you'll ever need to cook with, and have lovely views of the garden outside. And while I'm on the subject of the kitchen, it needs to be mentioned that your stay at the cottage includes tasty, tasty breakfast provisions.

From the kitchen you go into the living room. The walls feature a variety of art, except for the wall that is actually a lovely large door leading onto a little private patio and the wall that is a giant bookcase fill with videos, DVDs, books and a collection of nutcrackers. The couch is comfy, the TV is big, the clock is funky, there are two little stained glass windows and the gas fire with very warm. We convert the little dining table tucked into one corner into a computer desk. It's cozy and comfortable and I know it's a cliché term but it feels like a home away from home.

Up a half dozen stairs is the mezzanine bedroom with bathroom and closet off to the side. The bed is squishy, the bathroom is modern and the beside lamps are the cutest cherub thingies. There's another little table up on the mezzanine level, and a daybed as well. The most awesome thing is the skylight over the bed - you can lie in bed and watch the sky, which I find super restful.

I know this review has been mostly description, but basically this cottage is a beautiful place to stay. The lift a phrase from Home from the Sea by Mercedes Lackey that I'm reading right now, this place is "just nice enough that it felt special, and not so luxurious that [I feel] uneasy." It's perfect.

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