Sunday, 25 November 2012

Review #6: Bodyline

Recently we ordered a new yukata and some wristcuffs from Bodyline for the model wardrobe. And, naturally, while we were there I acquired a few more pieces for my lolita wardrobe in the form of two skirts and two JSKs. The packages arrived while James and I were on our little holiday, so it was something nice to come home to!

I haven't taken any of my own photos for the reviews these items because honestly the stock photos are very true representations of how they are in real life.

The Skirts

L276, m, pik

My thirteen year old self would shake her head. A pink skirt? With waffles printed on it? Shocking! I have a feeling this skirt is going to be something I love but don't particularly wear often. It's decently made like the other Bodyline skirts I have, the print it nice, and though it has a detachable bow it didn't come with waist ties for which I am grateful, because I'm starting to fill a drawer with detachable waist ties and bows. 

L314, m, sax

Can I just do a simple copy-paste of my ramblings about the previous skirt? This skirt is cute and decently made, and I just love the little ruffle and lace and bows at the bottom. Again, no waist ties and this time no bow. This skirt seems brighter in real life than it does in the stock image, but not eye-hurtingly so.

The Pros: Nice prints, sturdy construction, and no waist ties! Both skirts are true to size, and could maybe go a tad larger than what Bodyline says.
The Neutrals: A little shorter and less full than other Bodyline skirts.

The JSKs

L415, 2L, red

One thing the stock photo doesn't make obvious is that there is a slight glittery thread running through this fabric, and I like it! It's a very simple but cute dress. The skirt of it is incredibly full, the waist ties aren't detachable but the bow pictured at the waist is. It seemed quite roomy, as it should be as I'm at the middle of  the measurements listed. All in all it's adorable and I like it!

L501, 2L, red

This is my Christmas dress, or my "Sweet Party Time" dress. It is so damn cutesy! The red colourway is a favourite [obviously] but I think the brown is adorable too. It's a couple of inches shorter than knee length, so some may consider it too short but I love that it's a little shorter - Australian Christmases are hot. I think the measurements on Bodyline are a bit smaller than what this actually goes because my bust is a few centimetres larger [though my waist is in the measurement range] than the website says and though it's a close fit it's a good fit. The bow on the waist is detachable, the waist ties are not.

The Pros: It's all good ^__^


  1. Can't really do a review without your own pictures of the items.... Otherwise it's just text and stock images and not really helpful as a review.

    1. Can and did :) Maybe reading the text would help?

  2. I agree with the person above.. I was really hoping for pictures. ._. Especially L501.

    1. Fair enough - I'll link you to a worn picture when I have one. But really, there are no deviations from the stock image.

    2. Thank you very much. Sorry for the anon post, I made a mistake.