Monday, 20 August 2012

Review #1: Personalizationproduct

Something I see frequently when stalking various lolita blogs online is big warnings all amounting to this: never buy lolita on eBay! Everything is a terrible quality replica, a scam and most of the time, it's not even lolita! Sometimes, I'm sure that's true, especially the part about it not being "proper" lolita but most of the time the bargain hunting eBay lover in me gets really annoyed at that. So I intend to review every item of lolita clothing I purchase on eBay to provide a more accurate view of things.

EDIT: Please, no more comments about it being a coat. It was labelled as a dress on the eBay site and I thought it was designed to be able to be worn as a dress OR a coat, and I still think you can do that. Also, I am very aware that neither this nor the second dress I got from this store are of phenomenal quality, but this coat/dress is sturdily made of decent fabric, and to me that makes it "good".
EDIT 2: I've since done an updated review of the two items from this store, which can be found here

About a month ago I ordered this dress from an eBay store, Personalizationproduct.

As you can see by the watermark-over-another-watermark, the dress obviously is a replica. And doubtless that first maker was doing a replica of a brand item. I'm sure I've seen the bunny eared hood somewhere. But that's a far as the usual lolita decrying of eBay holds in regards to this dress.

I got the package first thing this morning, neatly folded and wrapped, exactly 18 days after I paid for it. Given international postage that isn't bad at all. And the postal sachet thing was so securely taped that my man had to scissor it open for me.

Then there was...the opening!

I almost died of squee. So much ruffle butt! The fabric is a nice thick cotton and the lace is mostly cluny lace, and both are better quality than I was expecting. There are no construction flaws that I can see and their sizing is generous - I bought the large because I'm at the upper end of their bust and waist measurements but there is room to spare so if this is indicative of all their clothing I'd advise buying smaller rather than large if in doubt. I can update on that soon because we have another of their dresses coming in the mail shortly....

Of course, I had to get my sleepy arse into it immediately so ignore the sleeping braids and derp face. Also I forgot to actually make sure the bunny ears were unfolded. Ooops.

I am really, really happy with this dress.  My only issue is that the buttons don't go all the way down the front so it has the potential to flap open at inappropriate times. However, that's easily fixed by wearing an underskirt or petticoat and also makes it possible to wear the dress open as the most adorable coat in existence.

The Pros:
  • Good quality fabric and decent lace
  • Sturdy construction
  • Cheap! Only $45AU including postage
  • Fairly quick postage for international purchasing

The Cons:
  • A little on the large side
  • Doesn't button all the way down the front

Also on a lolita-esque note, my hunny just restored a nice little mirror for us! It used to be a boring pine-brown and the mirror was damaged, and now it looks fantastic. Photoshoot prop? You bet!


  1. the buttons don't go all the way down as it is a coat ^^

  2. Yeah, it's a coat.

  3. It looks like it was not too badly made for a PersonalizationProduct item. From what I've heard the reason there are two watermarks is the other one is Momo's, and PersonalizationProduct either split off from Momo's or they are run by some of the same people or something similar.
    I wouldn't buy from them myself though, heard way too many bad results. There are better sources where it's less of a crap shoot.

  4. I have myslef bought alot of itmes on ebay and never had a problem with them but I usually buy from really good stores on there. I have seen this item and it is the stores fault not her's they have it listed as a dress not coat.

    1. Thanks for the empathy :) What stores do you buy from?