Friday 27 September 2019

Lolita Blog Carnival: What Are Some Things You Feel Shouldn’t Be Asked Anymore

This prompt was an interesting one for me, because it's honestly not something I've thought about. I just google things and really expect that other people, especially young people (which is how the lolita community skews) to do the same. So I've never actually paid attention to questions being asked.

So I sat, and I thought, and ultimately there's two things that I feel really shouldn't be asked any more.

First is the simple things where it really would be faster to just google the question rather than ask about it. "How do I buy from X?" "What petticoat do I need?" "Are there cheaper options than brand?" I think my opinion there boils down to if it's a factual question with a clear cut answer, don't ask, just google. Not that there's anything wrong with asking, but it's just generally a waste of everyone's time - including the person asking the question!

But, more importantly, the thing I feel feel shouldn't be asked is "can I".

"I'm trans, can I participate in my local community?"
"I'm plus size, can I wear lolita?"
"I can't afford brand, will I still be lolita in handmade?"
And so many other questions that boil down to "can I do this?"

Yes, you bloody well can.

That's not to say everyone will be nice or that it will necessarily be smooth sailing. Your local community may be judgemental and unfriendly, you may have a hard time finding clothes that fit or that you can easily afford. But if you want to try this fashion out, for you, then don't ask - just go for it.

I do understand that when you're starting something new you may want validation. But more important than getting answers from internet strangers is figuring out what's going to make you happy.

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