Friday, 14 June 2019

Lolita Blog Carnival: Create A Coord To Best Fit The Season

Here down under, the current season is Autumn. But before you start thinking of crisp, chill days and gorgeous foliage let me disabuse you of the notion that our current Autumn is nice. Some days it's freezing, some days it's hot and sunny, and all in all it's not a picture perfect Autumn.

Buuuut I think this coord is pretty picture perfect, don't you? ^__^

I wanted to run with something classic and brown, because that feels super Autumn-y to me. But I wanted to avoid using my usual brown-and-fawn-fur combo so my new BTSSB capelet came in handy!

The vibrant red really brightens up the outfit, and I'm glad I stumbled onto this combo by virtue of avoiding one of my more common coordination options. I kept the accessories pretty simple since the pattern on the Innocent World onepiece is quite busy.

I did, however, bring in a tiny bit more colour with this Yumiyumyum Illustration brooch. I just liked the idea of bringing in some subtle floral elements into an Autumn coord - a hint of burgeoning warmth while things in the current world are getting greyer by the day.

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  1. Brown and wine red is a total winner colour combo, I wear it a lot. And it's funny how your autumn is not picture perfect, because we're supposed to have summer - except the UK didn't get the memo. All the rest of Europe is having heatwaves and sunshine, while we are literally stuck (words of the weather forecaster, not mine) in a cold/rainy/windy vortex. I've been wearing my autumn and winter clothes for a whole week now - and a coord like this one would be perfect right now. Were it not for the fact that I want to feel summery and not like the rest of the bloody year xP

    1. I like it too, though I don't wear it much myself (though I think that's going to change soon!). Oh my goodness that sucks! Over here I get sick of Summer but I imagine in your part of the world you want the heat and sunshine!