Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Adventures in crafting

Recently I found the mojo to do a bit of crafting again. Nothing too mind-blowing but a few little projects I'm rather pleased with.

First of all, I decorated a pair of plain brown suede ankle boots we were going to get rid of. I was going for something kind of mori-girl, kind of steampunk, and I think these could go either way. Now I just have to figure out an outfit they would go with!

I also recently whipped up some loltia hair accessories to go with some pieces that I don't have much to match with. Any guesses what those pieces are?

I'm quite pleased with the floral two-way clip but not so pleased with the headbow. It looks okay worn but it could be better. Maybe I'll just bite the bullet and buy myself a lavender headbow!

And I also just realised another crafting project I never shared... the flower vest I'm wearing in the photo above! James and I were organising a weekend of shooting with Angie, she suggested for one look her beautiful fairy-like outfit and since I'm very into that sort of thing I asked if she wouldn't mind making it a double shoot. She didn't mind, so I had to whip together something pink and fairy. I was so incredibly pleased with my vest... I think it also covers the fact that my dress is just a wrapped, tied and pinned piece of chiffon pretty well ^__^

Credits for the above photo:
Photographer: The Enthusiast
Other model: Angeline Bubsy
Angie's outfit: Lyris Design

I really love these photos, and if you want to see the rest they're on my facebook page, and Angie also has some solo one of herself James took if you want to see more of her outfit! And of course, everything is on James' page, and they're also on Lyris Design's page... I'm just pimping all our facebook pages now!


Have you crafted anything, big or small, recently?


  1. I love the fur trim you added to your boots. I've been meaning to make a fur trim for mine for the winter ILD (being very prepared, I know), but I want it removable. Did you use any particular pattern or tutorial that you could send me the link to?

    At the moment I plan on making a bonnet, we'll see how that goes. But over the summer, hopefully, I'll manage to borrow a sewing machine off someone and practice sewing a straight line of stitching and generally get comfortable using it, so that I could then approach more difficult things.

    1. Thanks! To be honest, I just hot glued the trim to the boots, which is not really a good practise if you want something properly done.

      Though if you want removable boot toppers I'd think just a rectangle (maybe a slightly trapezoidal one) with buttonholes or eyelets to lace a ribbon through to tie them on would work. This'd only work for wide toppers though because there's nothing holding them up unless they're lace-up boots and you lace through the buttonholes/eyelets.

      Good luck with the bonnet! Sewing is a lot of fun (when it works) so I hope you can borrow the machine and make yourself some things.