Wednesday, 9 October 2019

AYWI30C #19: Based around a particular top

When I came up to this prompt in the challenge I literally stood in front of my wardrobe and thumbed through my blouses. I wanted to work with one that was an interesting piece, rather than a neutral, and also something I hadn't used in this series. I tossed around a couple of different ideas, but in the end decided to base the coord around my Angelic Pretty Petit Patisserie cutsew.

And I am so glad I chose it, because one again this challenge led me to a coord I can say with certainty I would never have come up with otherwise. Why? Because it turns out this cutsew really doesn't match anything I own!

But by this point I was committed to the idea and decided I was going to make it work with my Lyris underbust JSK. Even though the JSK is a more classic piece, it's not overwhelmingly classic and the cutsew is simple enough in cut that despite the sweet print it kind of goes. I just had to make the rest of the outfit tie it all together!

First I raided my sock drawer and discover that there Met OTKS were perfect - they matched the cutsew in colour, and the JSK with the more classical ivory motif.

Then I brought in a little more sweetness with this Angelic Pretty cookie necklace (which is seriously so freaking cute!). The rest of my jewellery I kept quite understated - partially to avoid going to sweet for the JSK, but mostly because I actually don't have much sweet jewellery that goes with brown!

My headwear, which I didn't take a close up of, was chosen to once again straddle the sweet-classic line, as well as carry through the different shades of brown (the chosen pieces are a closer match for the JSK).

Last of all, I thought that going with pink shoes (also, new shoe alert!) and bag really cemented the look, emphasising the cutsew print and also adding a bit more of a playful touch.

In the end I really love this outfit I came up with. Like I said, I would not have gotten there without this prompt challenge but I really think I made this sweet look work despite using a more classic JSK. Do you think the outfit works, or is there too much contrast between the different elements? Let me know!


  1. I quite like this look. The only thing I'm less sure of are socks. The colour matches the cutsew beautifully, but I feel that the pattern is a bit too obviously classic? The JSK is looks pretty neutral here, so it probably wouldn't look out of place even if you pushed the coord a bit more into sweet territory. In my head I see some lace-up design socks (like Innocent World and Meta often do) working really well: it's classic enough to bring in that touch of classic, cute enough for sweet and overall neutral enough to work with both the cutsew and the JSK, as long as the colour matched.

    1. You make a very good point on the socks, if I do actually wear this coord I'll probably play around with a few more options but I was just very excited that the colours matched so well!

    2. How about these ones: I feel like they would generally go well with your wardrobe.

    3. Yeah, that kind of style would be good. I'm not really buying anything til I get back to Japan but I'll keep an eye out there!