Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Coordinates from July - August 2018

Though it doesn't feel like I've been wearing lolita much lately I still managed four outfits in July and August. I'm posting this round up a lot later than I like to, but I'm back in the blogging habit now so things should be more on schedule from here on out.

My first coordinate in these two months was to once again visit the jeweller who were working on our wedding rings...I got to pick mine up on the seventh of July! I'll admit, I cried. Totally wasn't expecting that to happen!

And of course, I wore lolita to keep up the trend. Not a very noteworthy outfit, but still a cute one. Two photos for this look, because I liked the knee up shot James grabbed for me and then Panda was cute in a full body photo (for once).

JSK: Bodyline
Blouse: Lady Sloth
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Everything else: Taobao/offbrand

As you may or may not have noticed, I've had my hair cut even shorter. And I love it! Never going back to long hair again.

And a shot of my gorgeous rainbow wedding ring, because I love it.

I ended up wearing lolita again the following Saturday as we went to pick up James’s ring. To be honest, I was on my last legs this weekend and it shows in this outfit; I’m not really pleased with how it turned out. I like aspects, like the dress/bolero/choker combo, and adding in the fawn fur bag, but overall I think this missed the mark. Panda was cute during my outfits photos again though, so that’s something.

JSK & OTKS: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Bolero: Maxicimam
Shoes: Bodyline
Choker: Liz Lisa
Bag: Coquettish Tiara
Headbow: Sweet Dreamer

It was nice to wear Shirring Princess again, and I’m pleased that throughout the entire process of getting our rings I went to the jewellers in lolita every single time. I think that’s an achievement ^__^

Then I wore a fawn-fur heavy lolita look to a friend's birthday party. The theme was "prime" and my justification was that you can get a prime cut of meat from a deer...

JSK & Shoes: Bodyline
Blouse: The Floral Notebook
Socks: Innocent World
Cape & Headdress: Cutie Creator
Bag: Axes Femme

Because it's cute, also have a picture of James and I together. We didn't match but we both looked cute!

And last of all, of course, I wore lolita to finally marry James! Not a very good photo of me, but it shows of the outfit nicely. It's also like the only photo of me solo from the day, which is what I wanted for this post.

Dress, bolero, veil, flower crown, bouquet: Lyris Design
Necklace: Kitten D'Amour
Socks: Innocent World
Shoes: Taobao

More from the wedding is to come so be ready for future photo spam! I'm currently planning to blog about the whole trip so prepare yourselves for not just a pretty lolita wedding but close-up cheetahs, dramatic mountain views, too many food photos, interesting selfies, and hobbit holes.


  1. Haha, I LOVE the justification for your prime-themed outfit (I thought it was because prime - primal - animal pelts as clothes - fawn fur coord kind of thought process, which I guess was *almost* there). And your wedding dress was beautiful, wine suits you so much!

    1. I like your justification better!

      Thank you, I love that outfit and will be posting a proper review later because the designer did an amazing job (and on James's outfit too).

  2. Your wedding coord is so pretty <3 Congrats!

  3. Your wedding ring is so pretty! I love the colours *_*

    How wonderful that you chose to wear a dress that reflected a large part of your life! I always enjoy seeing alternative takes on wedding dresses, and this one suits you so well. Hope you had an amazing time!

    1. Rainbows are totally my thing, so I was really in love with the idea and the jewellers did a perfect job on it!

      And thank you, again I loved the wedding dress concept and the designer who made it did a perfect job. It was an amazing day and a wonderful trip ^__^