Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Review #27.2: Taobao Haul

And here is the second part of my Taobao/Yoybuy review... the items themselves! You can read about my experience with Yoybuy here.

I got a blouse, skirt and velvet bolero from Magic Tea Party, a Classical Puppets a-line petticoat, a coat/jacket thing, four pairs of those ubiquitous t-strap with bow heels, assorted socks, three different clip-in bangs and some coloured make-up. And some red velvet for lining a coffin...

I'll start with the Magic Tea Party stuff and, long story short, they're great. Picture spam time!

This skirt is made of a canvas-y feeling fabric and is nicely thick and heavy with a slightly rough texture that I love. It is very sturdily constructed and I love it! The only thing I'm not much of a fan of are the buttons on the waistband, but they are easily removed. It's very accurate to the stock picture.

Why rotate this Blogger, why?

The bolero is also quite nice, though since I'm tall the sleeves are short. I'm going to cut off the ties across the chest because I don't like how they look. The lace trim is decent and the velvet feels nice. The crown lining is really cute as well!

The blouse is really nice, especially for the price. The fabric is smooth enough and the laces all feel like cotton and are nice and soft. For lack of a better way to say it, it feels like a cheap blouse but a nice cheap blouse. Quality wise I'd put it way above Bodyline, maybe on par with F+F's nicer stuff. For the price I think it's rally good. The construction is sturdy and the design is really nice. And the sleeves are long enough!

Overall, my comments on the blouse can be applied to all the MTP items - they don't feel expensive or super high quality, but they are really nice for the price and they are certainly all pieces I would recommend.

Next up, the gorgeous hoodie jacket!

This thing is absolutely gorgeous! So soft, so warm, so comfortable! It's really well made and the materials seem quite nice as well, the lining is a bit thin and shiny but it's just the lining so no biggie. However, unless I misread things horribly this is smaller than the indicate measurements, as I can't close it and I should be able too. However, it's adorable open so I'm okay with it. Also, I think the fur is really rabbit fur, which I know some people care about.

And the next thing, all the bangs from this store.

Stupid Blogger and your stupid rotation...

I'm not really a wig expert, but these bangs are fantastic. Thick, smooth, only shiny in a natural way, an appropriate length, well made, neat and they clip on easily and stay secure on my head. I've already worn the far right pair in a photoshoot that'll be up on our facebook page soon and they look perfectly natural. I did get the colour slightly wrong though, they are all darker than my own hair so I'm going to see if I can lighten them at all.

Then we come to the shoes. The ubiquitous t-strap bow shoes that everyone and their mother has ^__^

They are still a bit crumpled from postage here, but as you can see both colour and style are accurate to the stock photos. They are bit cheaply made, they aren't super comfortable, and there are a few flaws, such as the strap being a bit too big for the buckles, but for the price they are really quite good. But I screwed up the sizing [I'll learn one day, I swear] and got them too large, so I'll be listing them to lacemarket soon. However, I'll be swiftly replacing them with ones in the correct size, because I think they're great shoes.

This review is already very long, so I won't go into the Classical Puppets petticoat, the socks, the make-up or the velvet but overall I had a very enjoyable first taobao experience and plan on making another haul as soon as I can!


  1. love the shoes. definitely fleshes out the wardrobe without killing the wallet.

    1. Absolutely! They're well on the way to be favourites of mine.