Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Review #17: Bodyline

It feels like we're past the brunt of winter, and with the second uni semester beginning [and with it my resolution to wear lolita to all my classes] what better time to place another Bodyline order? Actually, I just made those reasons up because it makes it sound like I actually plan when I buy things, the timing of this order is really purely coincidental ^__^

As well as a cheap wig for the model wardrobe I picked up a JSK, a blouse, one of the big new fruit bags, a pair of shoes and a pair of plain black knee highs. Since I'm not that knowledgeable about wigs and socks are socks, I'll only be reviewing the other four items.

L047, sax, m

It was cheap and it has strawberries on it...shhh. Actually, I've been eyeing this dress for a while. After I bought my "Christmas dress" from Bodyline, I've discovered I like bib-styled JSKs and this one is perfect for me - sweet without being OTT, and casual enough that it could easily be worn outside of lolita as well.

To get right to the point, it is absolutely gorgeous. Totally, utterly sweet. The fabric is lovely, construction is very neat and the laces are some of Bodyline's best. Both the giant waist bow and the two little ones at the straps are detachable. Fit wise it's really good on me, and I'd say the measurements given are fairly accurate. I am really keen for warmer weather so I can wear it out!

Bib detail - the lacing is adjustable/removable.

The top of the bottom ruffle - I love that rose lace ^__^

L364, pink, 2l

A little ways back I posted an ask on EGL for specific recommendations for blouses for plus-size lolitas, and this was one that came up. I'm hesitant of big collars on me, but thought I may as well take the plunge and give it a try. Given that I already have various loliable tops in black, white and beige I decided to get this in pink, because I like wearing black and pink and I already have lots of black ^__^

It is sufficient to say that I am no longer worried about collars on me in lolita. This blouse is charming. Absolutely charming. Surprisingly, the fit is pretty much perfect given that with a bust and waist of 98/78cm I'm a good bit smaller than the recommended measurements of 102/84cm. I wouldn't suggest getting it if you're over those measurements, but anywhere from my size up to those measurements should fit quite well. The shape of it looks a bit silly if it's not worn over a lolita skirt, it's designed to flare out at the bottom as you can see in the stock photo. All in all I think it's wonderful - there is a lot of detail but as it's all in one colour it's not overbearing. I love it, and would really recommend it.

On a side note - see the ruffle that cuts across the middle of the sleeve? If it's not your thing it's just sewn onto the sleeve, rather than the sleeve being made in two parts or something, so, like the pearls on the collar it could be easily removed if you wanted a plainer blouse.

The stock picture is really accurate so I thought I'd just take a few close up shots to show off some of the finer details. The colour in my shots is totally off though, but fortunately the stock picture is accurate in the regard as well!

BAG179 [yay, giant strawberry!]

At 33cm, this bag is still too small to fit my laptop for uni, but I was hoping to be able to wrangle it in somehow. Unfortunately, that's not going to happen. However, this bag is still awesome. It seems very sturdily made and is quite big enough for me to use as a uni bag for textbooks and such when I'm not taking the laptop. There's a big zipper along the top as well as the one for the side pocket that you can see pictured on the back of the bag in the stock photo. And, speaking of stock photos, what you see is exactly what you get so no picture from me ^__^

SHOES192, sax, 250

With this shoe addition, I now have a pair of lolita shoes in all the "primary" colours - black, brown, pink, white, red and blue. Seriously, when I talk about the fact that you can never have too many shoes, I really mean that you can never have too many shoes.

When I picked up my package from the doorstep, I noticed something hard and square... my shoes miraculously came in a shoebox! This has never happened before, not even when I've placed and order that was mostly shoes. I'm still honestly so amazed by the shoebox that it rather overshadows the shoes, but the shoes are really lovely. A perfect fit and the colours is quite accurate to the stock photo - they're a very fresh, light blue. As they are now stashed in the shoe stash I'm not getting them out for a photo but as I said, the stock photo is quite accurate.

As for postage time, I ordered on Saturday 13th, it was shipped Tuesday 16th and it arrived exactly two weeks later on Tuesday 30th. I've noticed that packages from Bodyline have been gradually taking longer to arrive - this is the longest I've had to wait for air shipping from them. However, I've heard that girls in the US have had to wait up to a month, so I'm pretty lucky. Just not quite as lucky as I used to be ^__^

The Pros:
  • Good, sturdy construction on everything.
  • Perfect fits on everything!
  • The dress is amazingly good quality for the price.
  • The blouse is lovely, and I'm thinking of getting it in other colours...
  • I got a shoebox! A mythical Bodyline shoebox!

The Neutrals:
  • Postage took longer than usual, but still very decent.

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