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Assorted lolita goods that I have for sale. Prices are in AUD, are exclusive of shipping, and I ship from Australia. I am open to reasonable offers, particularly if you are buying more than one item, and am happy to do in-person trades as well. Please comment here or message me on my facebook page with any questions.

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Emily Temple Cute Mermaid Skirt in Mint $140 $90
This skirt was bought secondhand, never worn by me. I can’t find any flaws or signs of wear. The colours are beautiful and vibrant. It is slightly more mint than the photo indicates.
Measurements taken by me:
Waist 62-70cm

Innocent World Angel Land Skirt in Brown $100 $80
Bought secondhand, unworn by me. Perfect condition with no flaws or signs of wear. The small bows at the bottom are detachable.
Measurements taken by me:
Waist 60-72cm
Length 68cm

Bodyline Velveteen Sailor Jacket in Brown L $25 $20
Fits a bust/waist of 94cm/84cm. Very cute and sturdy jacket, just doesn't suit me. Worn once or twice.

Handmade Old School Skirt $10
Fits a waist of about 75-90cm. Made for a photoshoot and worn only for that photoshoot. Decent construction, but not the greatest materials, especially the lace. Would be great for a photoshoot or a guro look or something where up-close quality doesn't matter.

Brand Socks L-R
BTSSB OTK. Bought secondhand, unworn by me. Good condition. $10
BTSSB UTK. Bought secondhand, unworn by me. Quite worn condition. $5
AATP UTK; Bought secondhand, unworn by me. Very good condition. $10

Other socks L-R
Pink and black OTK (they say "sweet and cute" in white as well). Bought secondhand, unworn by me. Very good condition. $5
Brown x white harlequin OTK. Unworn, perfect condition. $8 (other colours sold)
FanPlusFriend UTK. Worn 2-3 times and washed. Very good condition. $5

More socks L-R
Bodyline Floral UTK x2. Pink pair and black pair have each had one sock removed, tried on, and put back in the packet. Off-white pair completely new. $5 each
Sheer crew socks. Tried on but otherwise brand new. $5

Even more socks L-R
Secret Shop UTK. Worn by me, very good condition. $5
Secret Shop UTK. Worn by me, very good condition. $5
Bodyline UTK. Worn by me, very good condition. $5

Innocent World Socks L-R
Anniversary Rose OTK in bordeaux. NWOT. $18
Royal Crown OTK in Green. Bought secondhand, unworn by me.  Very good condition. $10

FanPlusFriend Blouse $35
Lovely comfortable blouse that I don't wear any more; I am the first owner. Waist ties and jabot are detachable. Worn only a few times. Fits bust/waist of 98/78cm.

Alice and the Pirates Cutsew $60
Gorgeous cutsew in cream/ivory (this photo is a bit dark/yellowed). Bought secondhand, only tried on by me, perfect condition. Only things to be careful of are the torso length and the sizing of the neck - I found it hard to get over my head so recommend this for someone with a smaller head size. First a bust of 80-100cm and waist 74-94cm.

Bodyline L380 $25
NWT. It's a lovely piece, great quality especially for Bodyline, but I've realised it's not something I'd wear. Size 2L, fits 70-80cm waist.

Bodyline L479 $30
Another gorgeous piece that I no longer wear; the colours are great and saturated and the velvet is nice quality. Worn several times and is in very good condition. Size 2L, fits 96cm bust and 86cm waist.

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Florina Rose JSK $110
Beautiful floral swiss-dot chiffon with soft lace and a lovely drape to it. Unfortunately it's too short for me and I don't like how it looks on. I also got a lipstick stain on the inside of the bodice lining (bottom image). Bought secondhand, worn twice briefly by me, good condition. Fits bust of 74-102cm and waist 66-92cm.

FanPlusFriend Sailor Blouse $40
Cute a-line blouse with pointed sailor collar (back is pointed like the front) that I just don't wear any more. Worn a couple of times, great condition. Fits up to 98cm bust.

Magic Tea Party Floral Skirt $50
NWOT. Lovely high-waisted skirt of a gorgeous thick fabric... it's beautiful but it has just sat in my wardrobe for years so it has to go. Fits 74cm waist and is good for taller girls with a 68cm length.

ReStyle Gothic Windows Skirt $60
Worn a couple of times for shoots but has never been my style. Size L, fits 76cm waist.

The Floral Notebook Princess of the Rose Blouse $60
Tried on several times, lovely blouse, I've just realised I don't look as good in blue as I like to think I do. Size XL, fits 100cm bust and 90cm waist.

Sold Items

Metamorphose temps de fille Kimono Print JSK $120
This is an absolutely gorgeous piece, but is too short for me. Bought secondhand but I haven't found any damages or signs of wear.
Length: 83cm
Bust: 88-100cm
Waist: 76-

Offbrand Shirred Blouse $15
Cute, very old school full shirred sheer blouse. Fits 50-108cm for both bust and waist.

Bodyline L411 $25
I love this dress but haven't worn it in ages, so it has to go. I removed the top line of shirring as it sat across my bust rather than under it. Has been worn several times and is in very good condition. Fits bust and waist of 60-104cm.

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